How about the eone watch? Is the quality of the eone watch good?

The eone watch has been worn by many people in young people in recent years. Although this brand was originally designed for the blind, such a distinctive design is loved by many young people, so it is now worn by many people as decorative watches.

Time is invisible in our minds, and the length of time can only be measured by timers such as watches and clocks. There are many kinds of watches on the market today, but most of them are mainly electronic watches, and they have a small number of mechanical watches. These watches can be used by normal people with sufficient vision, but those who are blind can not use them. But the touch of this part of the people is still relatively good.

The EONE red dot touch tactile magnetic watch has a simple and elegant design, and the entire case is made of ultra-light titanium. Titanium has the following advantages: 1. Lighter, more sensitive, durable and durable. It has been sought after by many people since it was applied to watches. 2. It has good corrosion resistance, especially for seawater. Corrosion resistance, it is now selected by most watchmakers as a popular material for diving cases and dials.

Eone is a super-designed product with the same style. There is a brand design concept. There are many colors (rose gold, gold, pink, blue, black, silver, etc.). The key point is!!! ~ The color of the belt can be easily changed with a ~ a watch can be worn in two colors, and now the belt is also delivered. Both men and women are suiwatch for wearing, the side beads represent the hour hand, and the middle beads represent the minute hand!!!

The name of this watch is Eone designer. It seems that the predecessor was a brand that designed watches for the blind. I saw the big characters written on the box Designed for everyone! Because even the invisible people can touch it. To perceive time, creativity is very special! The dial has two beads, the outer ring is the hour hand and the minute hand is attracted by the magnetic force. Even if you move by hand, he will automatically return to the position. The strap is stainless steel black, very textured, you can also choose the strap of the cloth material, the price is much cheaper.

Eone watch evaluation


The shape of the watch is different, it shows the time through two ball bearings. The balls inside the dial are used to display minutes, while the sides of the dial are used to display hours. The case diameter is 40mm, the case thickness is 11.5mm, the strap width is 20mm, the size is moderate, and the shape is simple and neat. On the watch material, the EONE team carefully selected the Swiss quartz movement, built into the case made of titanium. The exterior is beautiful and durable, and the inside is precise and delicate, which makes people have to love.


With regard to day-to-day operations, EONE Bradley’s two bearings are connected by magnets and watch movements, propelling time to move. The design team from Harvard and MIT spent a lot of time researching so that the magnetic force does not affect the movement of the movement, ensuring that time is as accurate as ever. Even if the ball is moved, simply roll the watch and the ball will bounce back to the correct position.

Waterproof performance

The watch is lightly waterproof, about 50 meters, so the wearer can still use it while bathing and swimming. However, in order to protect your watch, it is recommended not to wear it when you start.

to sum up

On the one hand, EONE Bradley’s design is quite simple, the dial at a glance, plus a variety of materials and color optional strap, almost made it a versatile product. No matter how old or young, men and women can try to control, and its special texture can also add a lot to the daily mix. On the other hand, Eone’s first magnetic touch watch does not need to be seen with the eyes, and direct touch can get time to help cope with the embarrassing situation and inconvenient scenes in life.

Eone watch style

Eone Timepieces are free of the design of traditional watch hands, and the wearer senses time by touching a small ball on the surface. Even if you accidentally push the ball, you can easily restore it with two quick wrists. Its simple design makes it versatile! The strap supports disassembly, and the color control can fill life with various colors.

The metal is gentle and fresh and can hold various occasions. Lazy afternoon improvised holding a guitar to a song, holding a book to read dark. Eone is not enough to decorate. Small leather boots, ripped jeans, and small scarves of Navy, Eone is still versatile. Finish a delicate pull flower, look at the time, and slow flow. Eone’s black and silver strap design is perfect for couples.

What is the meaning of the back of the watch?

The back of the watch is a very professional term in the watch. Many people still don’t know what it means. When choosing, they are also very entangled with the difference between the back and the back. Today, we will organize it for everyone!

Today’s watches are popular at the bottom of the watch (usually called “back through”). The back cover is the cover on the back of the watch is transparent, you can see the movement of the watch. Can directly see the movement of the movement, the general small problems can also be seen, such as rust, structural failures. However, many people say that a watch that is worn back is easy to enter and not waterproof. In fact, the degree of sealing that each watch has made is not necessarily the vacuum state of the finished watch. Even a very expensive watch, a multi-precision watch, will have a little bit of a loophole. Back-to-back watches also have its benefits. Many people like to look through the watch because it allows you to see the mechanical parts inside it at a glance. In the past, there was only one watch glass. When the watch was made through the bottom cover, it became two top and bottom watch glasses. The purpose of the watch that is undoubtedly the bottom is to let us watch the watch movement.

Back through the watch is good or not good

The back-opening watch is transparent behind the watch and you can see the back movement. With the rapid development of society, watches are also constantly innovating, hollowed out, diamond-studded, gemstones, big three needles, small three needles and so on. Although you can’t see the movement of the movement without looking through the watch, it is better than not to look back at the watch in some respects. For example, the waterproof performance of the watch, the sealing performance without backing is higher than that of the back. The anti-magnetic aspect of the watch is weaker than the one that is not worn.

The back of the watch can see the movement of the movement. If the movement has some small defects, rust, structural failures, etc., it can be quickly observed and easy to maintain, and the back-to-back watch can be more easily distinguished. In terms of health, the back-slip watch is friendly, because the back-performed watch glass basically uses a synthetic sapphire glass mirror, which can greatly reduce the nickel-metal seepage in the stainless steel from the contact with the human wrist skin. To reduce possible allergic effects on human skin.

Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the back of the watch

Advantages of the back-through watch:

In addition to the excellent manufacturing process inside the movement, the watch can also directly observe the daily operation of the movement. Some small problems can be quickly observed, such as rust, structural failure, etc., which is convenient for maintenance, and Back-to-back watches make it easier, to tell the truth.

Disadvantages of the back watch:

There is also a shortage of back-slip watches, which are not comparable to steel covers in terms of water resistance, anti-magnetic properties, and robustness.

Is the watch protective film torn?

Newly bought watches usually have a protective film on them. Many people don’t know whether this film should be torn when they are worn, especially the north face of the watch. It is easy to be scratched when you tear it off.

Is the watch protective film torn?

The watch protector needs to be torn off.

1. The watch protective film is used for scratching or rusting when the product is inspected and passed to the sales and circulation link, which affects sales;

2. The user does not tear off the protective film of the watch when using it. The protective film is easily scratched and the time cannot be clearly observed.

Why should the watch protective film be torn off?

Newly bought watches should be peeled off the protective film on the back cover, otherwise, the sweat will remain in the middle of the corrosion cover.

The case and strap need to be cleaned frequently and can be washed and dried with warm water. Sweat, dirt, etc. can corrode the appearance of the watch and can cause skin irritation to individuals. The watch should avoid contact with various chemicals. Once it is touched, it should be cleaned in time to avoid discoloration, shedding or other loss of the coating. So be sure to tear it off!

How do you watch the time when the watch has no scale?

Nowadays, in some niche brands, watches with no scale are popular. The dial looks more clean and simple, and it seems to be more pressing on the hand, but many people wear this unscaled watch for the first time. I don’t know much about time, it’s very inconvenient to use.

Watches without scales are only used as decorations.

A watch without a scale can’t know the precise time. You can only see an approximate time. Everyone is familiar with the watch. When the pointer goes, it will probably go to what time. If you buy a watch not just for decoration, you should buy a scale.

From the appearance of the scale-free watch, it is relatively simple, atmospheric, and the price is as low as a few hundred, but there are also tens of thousands. In fact, the atmosphere without scale is beautiful but also pays. Since there is no scale, how do you look at the time? If you Eyesight is good enough to be seen at once. For example, the following picture is 10:10, and it may not be enough for 10 points. It can only be approximate. After all, there is no scale. Watches are decorations in the present society, not to watch time. If your demand is to look at the time, you have to buy those with scales. There is nothing in the world that is perfect. If you want to be atmospheric, simple styles must cut down certain things.

Longines top high replica watch price

When users pay attention to the price of Longine’s top high replica watch, they also need to pay attention to the quality of the watch. When the price of the watch is lowered, the quality of the watch will be reduced. The first is that it will reduce the appearance of the watch. If you want the watch to have a good appearance, you first need to have a good design in production, but the design also needs the corresponding cost, so Let it be a big increase in the price of the watch.

Moreover, when the user purchases, in the case of different prices, they often have different stability in the use process, precisely because they want to make the watch have good stability, it is also necessary to Let it have a good production process in production, and under the production process, it will also increase the production cost in the process of use, so the price of such a watch is different, often the watch is swatch. Sex will also vary greatly.

In addition to the above, the watch has a good quality, but also need to see what kind of business qualifications. Therefore, when users choose this watch, they must also pay attention to it. It is because a watch has a good movement in production that it will make the watch have a good service life, but it will also make the watch have a higher price. On the contrary, the small manufacturer will make the price of the watch lower, but the service life will also decrease.

High replica male watch price

It is often the case that the high replica male watches of small manufacturers are cheaper. The reason why they have a great reduction in the price of watches is that there are many reasons. The first is that it will have its own production strength in production, and the production strength also needs to make the corresponding investment. If the production strength is insufficient, the production cost of the watch will be reduced, precisely because they are in production. There is a lack of this aspect of the game, so the price of the watch will be reduced.

However, under the production strength, it will make the quality of its own watch decline during the use process. One will make it not have a good appearance during use, and it has no good stability. Small manufacturers do not have a good reputation for production. When they have no credibility, they will cut corners in production, or lower the standard. Naturally, the price of high replica watches will be reduced, but it is There is no corresponding quality advantage during use.

At the same time, small manufacturers will not use high-quality movements in production, which will make the price of the watch greatly reduced, but it will make it difficult to have a good quality advantage in the course of use. This watch has a good quality advantage in production so that it will have a good quality advantage in the use of the watch so that users will have a good satisfaction.

Introduction to the kinetic energy watch

What is a kinetic energy watch? do you know? Will it be broken soon? It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand it. Let’s popularize it for you.

What is a light kinetic energy meter?

The kinetic energy meter is a new type of watch that is likely to become the mainstream watch of the 21st century. It is also called a solar watch. As long as the surface of the watch is in contact with light, it can be powered. Even in places where there is no light, it can move for a while.

What should I do if the watch is stopped?

Although the kinetic energy meter does not need to change the battery, it may not be recharged because it is placed in a dark place for too long, and the energy in the rechargeable battery is exhausted. First, you have to charge your hand with light energy, and then turn the watch to the right time.

Can fluorescent lights be charged?

Yes, the watch’s dial can only be charged if it is exposed to light.

Is charging time-related to seasonal changes?

We all know that the intensity of sunshine in summer is stronger than that in winter, so the kinetic energy meter is charged in the summer for a shorter time than in winter, so every friend should pay attention to completely expose it to the sun when charging the light meter in winter.

How long does the kinetic energy watch last?

The battery life can reach 20 years or more under proper maintenance and proper utilization of the kinetic energy watch.

Need regular maintenance?

Many friends think that the kinetic energy watch does not need to change the battery. Does it not need regular maintenance? Actually not, any watch should be inspected and maintained every 2-3 years.

Business men’s standard items, do you have them?

Businessmen usually advertise the style of maturity and charm, but also show their unique atmosphere and charm. Usually, they want to show their high-end style, so you usually choose the right standard single in fashion matching. Products, the following standard items are absolutely indispensable.

1, big wallet

Big wallets or backpacks with more fashionable styles, these are the items that businessmen must carry. The size and size of the wallet should match the style of their own temperament, as well as handbags or backpacks. Colors and styles will highlight your taste and charm in the workplace.

2, high-end watchesHigh-end big-name watches are absolutely indispensable for businessmen. With different clothing and different occasions, the style and brand of the watch are different. The price of high-end watches is very expensive, but with The wearing enjoyment and experience is also higher-end, so it is really worth buying a single item.

3, fashion accessories

Sunglasses or bow ties and cufflinks and other fashion gadgets, this is also a standard item for high-end businessmen, with a variety of clothing appear on different occasions, the whole person’s style temperament charm will have different effects, but also better display The usual quality of life, which will also have a good effect on the promotion of personal gas field. 

The above is the standard item for businessmen in their daily life and work. Do you have it? Don’t underestimate these standard items, this will instantly enhance your temperament in the workplace, and also show your own personal atmosphere in the business environment, naturally, it will better promote others’ attention to themselves.

Romantic choice of contemporary independent women

Romantic and beautiful, at a glance, is a unique attribute of the Swiss watchmaking Blancpain ladies watch. Born in 1735, Blancpain has a long history and innovative ability and is a successful contemporary watch brand. Blancpain creates timeless beauty, and its women’s watch is both functional and aesthetic, making it a romantic choice for contemporary independent women.

From November 21st to 28th, 2018, the Blancpain 2018 Women’s Watch Exhibition opened in Taikoo Li, Chengdu. Mr. Marc Junod, Vice President and Sales Director of Blancpain, and Mr. Liao Xinjia, Vice President of Blancpain China, came to the site. Everyone appreciates the timepiece together. This time, Blancpain brought the annual masterpiece of the brand art master studio, the “Four Beauty” Haute Couture series watch to Rongcheng, and launched a life with noblewomen with a variety of beautiful and pure mechanical women’s watches. Dialogue.

“Paper has a deep relationship with China. It has always been passionate about the study of Chinese classics and has been inspired by Chinese culture.” At the event, Mr. Marc Junod explained the “Four Beauty” Haute Couture Collection for everyone. Heavyweight. The “Four Beauty” is the only one that is the challenge of the legends of the Blancpain masters to the Chinese legend. These four watches are a collection of extraordinary craftsmanship, depicting the most representative and touching stories of the four great Chinese ancients on four unique orphan watches, fully demonstrating the micro-painted enamel, the golden eagle, and the Damascus gold-plated The unique charm of extraordinary crafts such as red copper.

Mr. Marc Junod, Vice President and Sales Director of Blancpain, introduced the “Four Beauty” Haute Couture Collection of Blancpain Masters Studio

Blancpain Masters Studio “Four Beauty” Haute Couture Collection

Blancpain also always believes that modern women are independent and romantic. They appreciate and understand the beauty of the literary painting, the beauty of music and drama, the beauty of the architectural sculpture, and of course appreciate the beauty of mechanical art. This is why the brand insists on providing mechanical watches for women. Blancpain’s wrist-to-beauty timepieces, with clean and classic design and the exquisite core of intellectual wisdom, give women confidence and strength, so that every contemporary independent woman can seriously enjoy the taste of life, express high aesthetic and free joy. The state of mind.

At the exhibition site, the silver arches and the moon beauty above it are reminiscent of the classic design of the Blancpain women’s wristwatch, the world of Blancpain women’s watches.

Blancpain “Moon Beauty” date indicator watch

Moon Beauty is Blancpain’s most iconic women’s watch collection and the first choice for women’s moon phase watches. The beauty of the moon is different, and the most striking thing is to present the beautiful faces of the eyes and the beautiful people. The mysterious smile, the thoughtful look, the fickle mood, and all the uncertainty of romance are all attractive. The powerful mechanical movement behind the delicate face allows the beauty to have more confidence and always maintain the confidence and charm of elegance.

Blancpain “Moon Beauty” eccentric date retrograde watch

Blancpain combines independence and romance in powerful watchmaking craftsmanship and mechanical strength to create a highly recognizable women’s watch. In 1926, Blancpain entered the US market and successfully designed the world’s first self-winding watch. This is a groundbreaking initiative. With a forward-looking vision, Blancpain applied this technology to women’s clothing in 1930. On the watch, it is difficult to overcome the difficulty of installing the oscillating weight in the women’s watch with lightweight. The pioneering use of ball bearing winding technology to create the world’s first self-winding ladies watch Rolls, once again won praise. The history of the pure, orthodox and elegant Blancpain women’s watch has opened.

Blackbird Ladybird Collection Women’s Watch

In 1930-1950, Ms. Betty Fiechter, who was in charge of Blancpain, was the only female head of the watch industry. Betty promoted the entire women’s wear with her independence, focus, and wisdom. The revolution in watches has created a movement dedicated to jewelry watches, setting off a wave of custom-made jewelry watches to Blancpain in the United States. Under her influence, Blancpain pioneered the world’s smallest circular mechanical watch in 1956: the Ladybird watch, which has evolved to this day and is a testimony to the pioneering feminine spirit. The famous Hollywood superstars Greta Garbo, Joan Crawford, and Marilyn Monroe are also dumped by the mechanical women’s watch leader Blancpain. Faithful followers.

Blancpain women’s watch family

Today, the hearts of contemporary independent women are still beating with the rhythm of the Blancpain women’s watch movement.

Cartier love bracelet social celebrity fashion trend choice, women’s honorable choice

Created in New York in the 1970s, it symbolizes the fit of true love and the low-key interpretation of love. Your lover will use a golden screwdriver to secure the bracelet to your wrist and keep the screwdriver in a safe place. A style. A sign. The role of the bracelet has two aspects: one is to show identity, to highlight personality; the other is to beautify the arm. The bracelet is usually worn on the left hand, and the gemstone bracelet should be attached to the wrist. Like the earrings, necklaces, and rings, the bracelet is used as a kind of jewelry. It is decorated as a matching accessory for the clothing. It is used as a work of art to modify itself as a personal style and hobby. A means of dressing is being accepted and used by more and more people. When wearing a bracelet, its aesthetic function is often the first.

Cartier love bracelet, 18K rose gold pavé diamond

Rose gold, a very romantic name, is a gold and copper alloy that is widely used in jewelry design and processing because of its very fashionable and beautiful rose-red color. Also known as pink gold (red gold), red gold (red gold). This rose gold is lively and beautiful, wearing this bracelet is noble and stylish, has always been the first choice for young women

Cartier love bracelet, 18K white gold with diamonds

Platinum is platinum. Platinum (Pt) is a naturally occurring white precious metal. From a billion years ago, a huge meteorite hit the earth, bringing this precious metal. Platinum shines brightly in the history of human civilization as early as 700 BC. It has been regarded as the most expensive metal in the 2000-year history of human use of platinum and is sought after by the royal family. This 18K white gold-plated diamond Cartier bracelet is designed with its unique and elegant design in mind, while the white gold symbolizes the noble and holy, allowing you to wear a low-key luxury charm everywhere.

Cartier love bracelet, 18K yellow gold with diamonds

It is widely believed that gold is the rarest, most precious and most valued metal. In China, the Chinese have a special fascination with gold. This metal seems to have never been ignored by the fashion industry. The temperament displayed by the gold lock is extravagant and luxurious, which coincides with the style of this Cartier love bracelet. I believe that no matter what age group of consumers can not resist the visual impact of it, it is tempted.

The above three models are part of Cartier’s introduction. I hope that you can help those who love the trend. You may also wish to send a fashion-oriented Cartier love bracelet to your loved ones, lovers and friends in the new year.