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(May 2019, Beijing, China) SWATCH FLYMAGIC limited-time experience store will be in Beijing SKP from May 23 to 31, 2019! The new SWATCH FLYMAGIC series is shocking! This is Swatch’s first groundbreaking new paramagnetic NivachronTM hairspring watch. In the limited time of 9 days, Beijing SKP has an exclusive limited edition of 300 pieces, which is another wave of innovation in the watch industry, waiting for you to witness.

New SWATCH FLYMAGIC series limited edition starter

As the first Swatch’s groundbreaking new paramagnetic NivachronTM hairspring watch, the SWATCH FLYMAGIC series has excellent paramagnetic characteristics. 100% Swiss-made NivachronTM hairspring can reduce the negative effects of magnetic field effects by more than 10 times, and its excellent shock resistance and temperature resistance make travel time more accurate. The new second-hand reversal design once again highlights Swatch’s innovative qualities. Carefully observed through the sapphire crystal clear mirror, the fine modular structure and the structure of the openwork wheel train are clearly visible. The transparent balance hammer is located on the side of the dial, fully demonstrating the art of the time. In order to meet the daily needs of various wear, each SWATCH FLYMAGIC watch is equipped with a rubber leather strap and two advanced calfskin straps to create a variety of styles anytime, anywhere.

Exclusive exclusive service

Now, pay attention to the SWATCH official WeChat public number, reply to the keyword “FLYMAGIC” to book exclusive services in advance. Visit the scene to try on and experience, listen to the details of the watch, and feel the charm of the product at the first time, fully appreciate the unique features of the SWATCH FLYMAGIC series.

At the same time, Beijing SKP will start online pre-sale on May 20th, and can pre-book the SWATCH FLYMAGIC series in advance through Beijing SKP official WeChat; from May 23, in addition to online channels, you can also go to offline SWATCH FLYMAGIC Beijing SKP limited-time experience store to buy.

An exclusive tour is waiting for you to open, and a wave of innovation is waiting for you to witness.

The ultimate breakthrough, extraordinary experience, preemptive appointment!

What Kind Of Material Is Good For The Mirror Of The Watch? What Are The Materials Of The Mirror?

The mirror glass of the watch is of many different materials. Many people don’t really care about it when they buy it. Generally, they pay more attention to the movement of the watch. In fact, the material of the mirror surface is also carefully selected for the watch.

The mirror surface of the watch has a common glass mirror surface, which is made of polished glass with flat glass. The surface is smooth and shiny, and the scratch resistance is not easy to crack. Ore crystal mirror, moderate scratch-resistant, easy to break. Sapphire mirror, high-strength scratch-resistant, sapphire hardness, sapphire watch, its shock resistance, sealing, and strength are higher than other materials. Whether it is from a cultural cognition perspective or from the investment direction and scale of the watchmaking industry, the sapphire mirror is still an identifier for top watches in the foreseeable future and remains a factor in the quality of top watches. The only downside is that it is extremely fragile.

What are the materials of the watch mirror?

Sapphire glass: This crystal is very swatched in physical and chemical properties and has a very high hardness. Second, only to diamond, it can easily deal with scratches, abrasion, and erosion. However, the hesitation is too high, the toughness is not good, and it is very afraid of falling. But many high-end watches will use this kind of crystal!

Mineral glass: The surface of this material is characterized by its strong resistance to vertical impact and its excellent wear resistance. This type of mirror is widely used in mid-end watches, and the high-hardness glass is also used in the general military watch.

Synthetic glass: also known as plexiglass, there is also a name called “Alec glass.” The hardness of this material is not very good, it is more likely to scratch. But it is very self-willed and not easy to break. The cost of synthetic grass is very low, and many low-end models generally use this type of mirror.

How to distinguish the mirror material of the watch

First, you can tap the mirror and judge the material of the mirror from the sound. Acrylic mirrors emit a plastic sound, while mineral glass sounds thicker. Judging from the weight point of view, the acrylic mirror is the lightest and the sapphire mirror is the heaviest. In addition, the thermal conductivity of sapphire is very good. Therefore, when you touch it with your hand, there is a sense of coldness. Finally, the sapphire mirror is much smoother than the other two materials, so if you drop a drop of water on the sapphire mirror, the water droplets will not spread easily on the top, and the other materials will scatter.

What Is The Grade Of Chopard Watches?

1. Introduction of Chopard Watch Brand

Chopard watch is a watch created by Louis Ulysses Chopard. It is famous in the watch industry. Chopard watches, which have always been listed as top-notch and unique tastes, have unique design and craftsmanship, providing unique and refined products and becoming a high society. The most meticulous choice of people. In more than 50 countries, Chopard watches are regarded as the best in a simple and elegant watch.

2. How is the Chopard watch, how is the grade?

Chopard watches are a luxury brand in the watch industry. Watches range in price from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. Chopard watches are low-key and luxurious. Chopard’s collections are not too many. The most classic laurels are the LUC series and the Happy Diamonds series. The design of Chopard watches is beautiful and not vulgar, not only by diamonds but also by the nouveau riche and aristocratic atmosphere.

3. Which is better for Chopard watches?

Movement type automatic machine, movement model LUC96.09-L, shell material 18k rose gold, stainless steel, dial width 39mm, dial thickness 8.9mm, mirror material sapphire crystal, dial diameter mainstream 35mm-40mm, dial shape-round, Case back cover bottom, dial scale bar, dial color silver, strap color brown, strap material crocodile leather, buckle type pin buckle, swatch for men’s watch, special function small seconds, waterproof 30 meters, wear occasions business casual , fashion, formal wear.

How To Remove The Strap From The Dw Watch?

DW watch is a brand that many fashion people pay attention to now. If you buy a DW watch, do you know how to remove the strap from DW watch? Let me share the DW watch change strap method for you, I hope it will be useful to you.

DW watch changing strap method

First of all, we need a tool to remove the strap. This stuff has two heads, one with a concave shape for unloading the ear and the other with a pointed tip for clearing the strap hole.

If there is no tool, in fact, the flat-nose screwdriver and the toothpick can also replace popular science. The stick-shaped thing on the surface is called the raw ear, which is the axis above the belt. There are springs at both ends for us to put in

Then remove the old strap. Use a concave end of the tool to catch the small protrusion at one end of the ear, then press down to compress the spring, so that the ear becomes shorter, we can remove it.

Then you can install the new strap. First, open the strap and install the new one.

Put on the ear, press on the side of the ear, and put the ear on the hole in the watch, so that is complete.

DW watch correct maintenance method

1. Gently wipe off the dirt and perspiration on the case with a soft cloth or silk.

2. The watch is the most violently vibrating. When playing or hitting a hand, it is best to take it off, otherwise, it will have a great impact on the life of the watch.

3. The watch is also afraid of watering. Therefore, it is best to take off your watch when washing clothes, washing your hands or doing other work in contact with water.

4. Please do not touch the watch with magnetic objects such as radio and TV, so as not to affect the accuracy.

What Are The Choices For Choosing A Watch?

Watches have evolved from the original time tools to today’s very important accessories. People wear watches and want to use their watches to convey their tastes, preferences and other information. So what are the watches to choose from?

There may be many people who are more unfamiliar with the brand of Balda. After all, the quality of the past days is not high, and people are busy for the days. But now, the advancement of the quality of the day can make us have a higher pursuit, but also began to pay more attention to their image and appearance. Of course, if it is a superficial dress, it must be related to beauty, but if it is mentioned to change a person’s temperament, it is hard to say, because this seems invisible, but it actually affects our image. Very elusive.

However, this is not a way to make changes. Wearing a suiwatch watch is one way in between. Of course, the selection of watches is also very elegant, from the famous watch forum, a suiwatch watch can play a person’s temperament, and an irrelevant watch may destroy our image. Once, therefore, the selection of this watch is very important, and you must not care. In my own case, in fact, at the beginning of the time, I didn’t know the information about the watch, and I often talked about the famous watch with my friends around me. I gradually got into contact with it, and I learned the brand of a famous watch from the famous watch forum. – Balda. With the depth of understanding, I love the watch of this brand.

Of course, many people choose from international watch rankings, but this is not the most appropriate method. Because the selection of watches is not based on the difference of fame but based on the same characteristics of the watch, as long as the two matches. The situation is the most appropriate.

The ETA movement with large output and low cost are widely used in watches. When many brands write product information, they will not directly indicate that the watch uses the ETA movement, but uses the brand’s own machine. The core type replaces the corresponding ETA movement type. If you are concerned about the self-produced movement, you must do your homework before you buy it. You can find relevant information on many professional wall clock websites and forums.

Many middle and low-end brands have watched with gold-plated cases. Gold-plated watches are similar to the appearance of gold watches and the price of steel watches. However, the purchase of gold-plated watches is a psychological preparation for the case after one or two years. The colorful case may make you regret the initial decision.

Once a watch is using new technology, it will be promoted as a good selling point for consumers. On the surface, this seems to be a win-win job, consumers get better products, and the brand sells watches at a better price. However, as far as the current situation is concerned, the prudence of the wall clock profession to treat new technologies is obviously far less than that of drugs or automobile occupations. It is not rare for consumers to pay for the case of mice. As a general consumer, don’t rush to embrace new technologies that don’t take time and store detection.

As a kind of precision instrument, the watch will inevitably encounter maintenance problems during long-term use. Even if there is no problem, it is necessary to clean and maintain the mechanical watch every few years. The cost of maintenance and repair of watches is basically positively related to brand positioning. The same purchase of high-end watches means a lot of follow-up costs.

What Are The Watch Buying Skills?

Watches are not fully representative of the time, but also represent the elements of fashion, glamour, and success. How to choose a good men’s watch? Let’s take a look at the following watch selection techniques.

The watch is a sophisticated timing instrument that is expensive and has a long life. The quality of the watch is a matter of great concern to the user. Therefore, people always strive for excellence when purchasing watches, so they can choose them well. But how can we choose a watch with satisfactory quality? Under normal circumstances, it is unscientific to judge the quality of the watch only by the size and level of the sound when the watch machine is walking. Because the quality of the watch is good or bad, it is mainly to see the accuracy of its actual travel time. The sound emitted by the watch machine is balanced, clear and free of noise. It only shows that the watch is not faulty, and it does not indicate the quality of the watch and the only way to select the watch. You must also choose from the following aspects:

First, check the appearance of the watch parts

The appearance of the watch can be checked from the outer casing, the crystal, the dial and the hour and minute hands. The case should have no blisters and obvious scratches, and the edges and corners should be symmetrical; the screw joint between the back cover and the upper case should be tight; the distance between the two watch rings and the case should be the same, and the hole for mounting the deaf should be centered at the tail of the case. Not biased, the depth of the hole is appropriate, so that the ring is not easy to fall off; the mirror should have no defects and scratches, transparent and bright; the three needles are installed correctly, the needle and the needle, the mirror, and the dial should have the correct safety clearance; dial and pointer The coating has a good finish, no marks, and the dial scale line or luminous point is complete; there is a gap of 0.1-0.3mm between the head and the case.

Second, check the sensitivity of the watch

The sensitivity of a watch is the flexibility of its balance to automatically swing. The inspection method is:

(1) Gently shake the watch that has not been struck by the spring, and use the power of the shaking to observe the movement of the second hand: if the second-hand stops moving in a short time, it means that the watch is on the foot. After the strip can be completely finished (that is, the spring has no torque), the sensitivity is high; if the second hand continues to move for a long time, it means that the watch cannot be completely finished after the spring is wound (ie, the spring also stores the torque), and the sensitivity is not high. Or the watch machine is faulty.

(2) Turn the watch without moving the spring, and slowly turn the head to observe the start of the second hand: the less the rotation of the upper bar, the earlier the second-hand starts, the higher the sensitivity of the watch; otherwise, the lower the sensitivity. Or the watch has other faults. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the fast pendulum watch. Because the stiffness of the hairspring is large, it is necessary to make a little more spring than the traditional frequency (18,000 times/hour). For watches with high sensitivity, it takes a long time to move around after a single spring. Now people like to buy watches online, such as the recent popular Taobao couple watches are a very popular trend.

Third, check the distance and position of the watch pointer

There should be a certain distance between the hands and the mirror, between the dial and between the three needles. Otherwise, mutual friction will affect the normal operation of the watch. It can be observed by dialing the needle during the inspection. The position of the hour and minute hands and whether the mutual fit is normal is: turn the minute hand and the hour hand to 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock, observe whether the two needles are at right angles; dial to 6 o’clock, whether the two needles are in a straight line; dial to 12 o’clock, Whether the two needles coincide.

Fourth, check the watch on the body

A normal watch winding should be easy. When turning the top of the head, it feels looser first, and gradually becomes tighter and tighter. When the head cannot be rotated forward, the spring is completely full and the winding mechanism works normally. If the upper part of the crown is rotated, the abnormal sound of Jabber or the occurrence of top tooth slip occurs, indicating that the winding mechanism is faulty.

V. Checking the dial mechanism of the watch should be flexible, reliable and evenly rotated when the needle is set. The inspection should focus on checking the tightness of the wheel and the central axle friction. When the needle is dialed, if there is no feeling of looseness or tightness, it means that the wheel friction is normal and the amount of fuel is normal. On the contrary, the needle mechanism is faulty.

The above method of purchasing a new watch can also refer to the inspection of the quality of the old watch or the repaired watch, but it is necessary to lower the standard according to the age of the watch.

What brand of watches does the lady wear?

A good watch can not only express its own temperament but also reflect one’s taste and fashion. Choosing the right watch brand at an appropriate age can better highlight the charm. What brand of watch does the lady wear?

Girls choose watches, choose a fine watch to wear, can be a symbol of identity, and now many people buy watches not just to see the time, but to use the watch to mention their own taste. Therefore, people in different fields of society should buy their own watches more correctly.

1, FIYTA four-leaf clover series

The FIYTA watch presents the craftsmanship with exquisite craftsmanship, ingenious design, and records the perfect moment of life. While interpreting the classic watch culture, it also conveys the understanding of time and the idea of ​​life. Adhering to the enterprise spirit of “pursuit of perfection and excellence”, FIYTA constantly learns and transcends the world’s advanced design concepts and watchmaking craftsmanship, and uses the heart and passion to lead the FIYTA brand to the world-famous watch hall.

In 2013, FIYTA’s “Clover” ladies watch limited edition new year, four leaves of a four-leaf clover, representing: true love, health, reputation, wealth; found the “four-leaf clover”, Have happiness. At the beginning of the Year of the Snake, let this dream about happiness bloom quietly on the wrist. FIYTA “Clover” ladies watch limited edition new year, a limited edition of 1,000 pieces worldwide.

The watch has a cutout design with natural fritillary and zircon clusters of a four-leaf clover. With the change of light and angle, Fritillaria will present different light and shadows, such as the dream of sea clouds; through the hollowed leaves of the dial, you can appreciate the beauty of the rhythm of the movement, just like the photographer in life, always appreciate Look at the world. The elegant pumpkin-shaped crown is a small surprise after the fine reward, and the right retro rose gold, in the middle of the time, it is a glimpse of the glory, drunk, drunk and non-stop time. The bottom cover of the watch re-enacts the camera lens elements, and the scenery of the time is in the “core” bottom.

2, Rolex women’s log series

Not only has a purple dial that symbolizes dreams, the case, and bracelet are also made of warm-toned rose gold. The rose gold used in the Rolex watch is the 18ct eternal rose gold independently developed by Rolex, which is more durable and more beautiful. The purple dial on the watch is set with diamond hour markers. The 18ct rose gold diamond base enlarges the time scale and makes it easier to read.

The date display window is located at the 3 o’clock position of the dial, and the Rolex iconic convex lens on the window is easy to read on the date. With a diameter of 28 mm, the watch is set with diamonds and the diamonds refracted by light and shadow. The watch is powered by the Rolex 2236 self-winding mechanical constant-drive core, which is certified by the Swiss Precision Timepiece Test Center and provides approximately 55 hours of power storage.

3, Omega Constellation Series

As an important core element of Omega’s brilliant tradition, the design of the constellation watch has been upgraded in the new 2009 series, which is very modern and full of vitality. As a new and distinguished member of the world-renowned constellation collection, the Omega Constellation 2009 series is the perfect interpretation of its original style, design excellence, and technological innovation.

The Omega Constellation is one of the most recognizable and recognizable models in the world. The claw design first introduced in 1982 has now become a hallmark of the constellation watch. This legendary watch collection is the inspiration for the Griffes collection. The design of the Griffes jewels is in line with the unique design elements on the bezel of the constellation watch. It also has a personalized claw. The side of the jewel is engraved with Roman numerals and the other side is engraved with the words “OMEGA”. The Omega Griffes collection is feminine, lively and glamorous. Every piece of Griffes jewelry captures the essence of the constellation watch, with outstanding personality and interest.

4, Longines heart month series

In the spring night, the white moonlight is like a star, and it goes to Zhongtian, and it is quietly hidden. Everything seems to symbolize the time of passing and the time of circulation. The mellow and bright moon is very fascinating, and the full Sina Quine heart month series is a tribute to this silver star. The exquisite and simple dial makes the watch softer; the sleek diamonds add a touch of style to the watch. Its magical elegance appeals to all women who love modern elegance and elegance.

Longines Hearts and Moons series one thousand and one night’s edition, the famous Swiss watch manufacturer Longines’s heart and moon series have added a new style, blending the brilliance of steel and the warm glow of rose gold. A variety of, harmonious and elegant, Longines Hearts and Moons series dedicated to modern fashion women. New steel rose gold style, the seductive light of the diamond on the dial, such as thousands of stars light up the night sky. It is known as the Longines Heartmoon Series One Thousand and One Nights Edition.

Oris Divers Sixty-five Chronograph Blue Version Of Bucherer Will Be Available Soon!

The Oris Divers Sixty-Five diving chronograph’s regular stainless steel version was only a matter of time. We confirmed it when we saw the bronze model. We just didn’t know when it appeared. The first steel version of the Sixty-Five diving chronograph is finally here. It is more than just a piece. Oris Holly watches, but also the Bucherer watch-themed watch.

Divers Sixty-Five is one of the most successful products of Oris during the past five years. This watch is not only economical, it runs well, the most important thing is the beautiful diving shell, but also has a considerable number of retroelements, which is sought after by many people. Its original stand-alone product quickly became a complete series, and Oris produced a total of 36 mm, 40 mm and 42 mm diameter case models as well as steel, steel with bronze and all bronze versions.

Oris Oris first introduced the series’ complex features – the limited edition Carl Brashear Limited Edition Chronograph. We knew at the time that this watch was the trailer for the upcoming regular steel model, but I didn’t expect the first watch to be Bucherer.

Surprisingly, the Divers Sixty-Five diving chronograph is a special edition made by Bucherer, not part of the Oris Diving series. Therefore, it is not surprising that this upcoming watch is blue from the dial to the bezel.

Basically, the Oris Oris Divers Sixty-Five Diver Chronograph Bucherer Blue Edition is the steel version of the Carl Brashear Chronograph, which means it has the same casing, proportion, and movement as the other limited editions. It has a rather large 43 mm case with a satin finish and a typical Sixty-Five shape. This watch is equipped with a more sophisticated automatic chronograph movement, which is thicker than a regular three-needle watch. With a screw-in crown and a sturdy steel bottom cover, it is water-resistant up to 100 meters.

Under the mirrored sapphire crystal with a large outer ring, the Bucherer blue dial features a classic binocular timing layout, a small seconds at 9 o’clock and a 30-minute chronograph at 3 o’clock. Oris Oris was wise to decide to remove the date display from the chronograph version. Compared to Carl Brashear, the Divers Sixty-Five Bucherer blue version has slightly different hour markers, especially at 6 o’clock and 12 o’clock. The metal pointer is filled with a creamy Super-LumiNova luminous coating. The dial is surrounded by a one-way bezel with blue aluminum components and a scale that divers need to see.

Inside the case is the famous Oris 771 caliber. This automatic chronograph is based on the Valjoux architecture of the Sellita SW 510 caliber. The vibration frequency is 4Hz and has a 48-hour power reserve. The strap is made of a chocolate-colored vintage leather strap with blue stitching and a dial that is secured by a steel pin. The Oris Divers Sixty-Five dive chronograph Bucherer blue version is a non-limited edition, but is only available in the Bucherer store and is priced at €3,900.

What Is The Grade Of Bunton Watches?

Originally produced in Switzerland, Bunton watches were later produced and operated by the domestic Guangzhou Bunton Watch Co., Ltd., with the aim of creating a perfect watch for urban elite white-collar workers. Therefore, Bunton Watch became a niche brand in China, and the official brand website of Bunton Watch was officially launched, and it is committed to building the first watch brand of e-commerce in China. Many friends don’t know enough about Bunton watches. They mistakenly think that Bunton watches are unknown watch brands. In fact, Bunton watches have always been favored and welcomed by people. Let me introduce the brand of Bunton watches.

1, the classic style of Bunton watches

There are many styles of Bunton watches, and different styles have different functions. The famous Bunton watch has the Carliss Bunton watch. Its movement is composed of Swiss ETA25 drill 2524, 28342671 automatic movements. It has a case made of 316L stainless steel. In addition, the strap style is all-steel style with 5 microns plated full gold and gold style. The appearance also has a CNC-set bezel and a high-hardness wear-resistant sapphire watch mirror; Lai tungsten steel This Bunton watch, its movement consists of Swiss ETA785, 753, 1032, 8121-2202 ultra-thin quartz movement, with a full tungsten-titanium alloy high-hardness process case strap, in addition to the strap style It is a 5 micron plated full gold, gold, rose gold, grape red style with a CNC-set bezel.

2, the price of Bunton watches

Bunton watches have always been positioned as close to the people, niche brands, so the price of Bunton watches relative to other brand-name watches, the price is very cheap, the price is also ok. According to Xiaobian’s understanding, the price of a general Bunton watch is about 200, about 400, and about 1000. If you want to know the price of a specific Bunton watch, you can check it out on the official website of Bunton Watch.

The price of Bunton watches is close to the people, and the price/performance ratio is relatively high. If you want to start a better watch at a cheaper price, you can consider the Bunton watch.

How about the CLUSE watch?

CLUSE watch price: 600-1300RMB

This brand of watches has been screened by the fashion bloggers, and each fashion blog owner has a rhythm. The niche art seems to be low-key but very textured. The black dial is a special feature, and the price of a few hundred pieces is really cost-effective. The exquisite, minimalist and neutral design make CLUSE watch always have high popularity, precisely because this style is not only classic but also has no difficulty in driving.

CLUSE is also a Dutch brand that is extremely simple. It focuses on the large dial, the fine strap, especially for girls, the fine wrist with a large dial, cool and cute. There are also many choices for straps. There are canvas series, light and convenient, swatch for girls who are casual. Its La Roche collection, the dial is a marble crack print, super texture, each texture is different, unique taste, swatch for the current popular Normcore cool style. But this series is very explosive, so the official website often writes Sold Out.

How is the CLUSE watch?

The Dutch watch brand Cluse, the minimalist and clean big dial is the main, a little French style. The circular dial basically presents only a simple scale. The black-faced style is more classic, and the gold-colored bar-shaped hour markers and hands are clearly visible on a black background. Its La Roche collection, the dial is a marble crack print, looks like a high-grade cold, out of stock is also frequent. It is familiar to Ins bloggers because of its minimalist style. Because of its versatility and good texture, it is often used by bloggers to stack other accessories, and the frequency of appearance is super high. It is a small brand, but the products are popular.