Concord Watch Introduction

The Concord watch factory was founded in 1908 in Biel, Switzerland. Since its inception, its design has always enjoyed a good reputation, and the watches created are extremely harmonious in terms of appearance and function. In fact, Concord is named for this “harmonious” coordination. Concord means “harmony, coordination”.

In 1915, Concord began manufacturing for the famous brands of high-end watches, such as Tiffany & Co. and CARTERI. These watches are extremely luxurious, made of platinum and embellished with diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphires. As a result, Concord is known for its quality watches.

In the 1930s and 1940s, Concord began to pursue slim and compact watches and movements. For decades, with this perseverance, the liver finally succeeded in designing the world’s thinnest watch, Concord Delirium, in 1979. This design has become the focus of global reporting.

This is the world’s first watch with a body thickness of less than 2 mm (1.98 mm). This manufacturing process proves that C0NCORD’s watchmaking technology is unmatched. In just two years, the new Delirium was born again, with a body of only 0.98 mm and a thickness half that of the original Delirium.

In 1992, Concord exhibited “Mariner V Centenario” in the European watch and jewellery exhibition, once again shocking the world. This collection consists of five watches, each with its own unique features and an extremely complex mechanical movement. Shortly before the exhibition, the watch was sold for 3.2 million Swiss francs. The value of these distinctive watches is not only because of its superior materials but also because of its sophisticated structure. These watches have created new standards for the development of watchmaking technology.

In 1995, Concord kicked off Saratoga Exor, a unique watch that combines the art of watchmaking with brilliant gemstones. Exor has a variety of sophisticated features that make it a high-quality watch. In addition, the surface is inlaid with precious platinum and 118 D-class clean diamonds. Since the advent of Saratoga Exor, it has been sold for 2 million Swiss francs.

In 1996, Concord celebrated the 10th anniversary of Saratoga with the launch of the Saratoga SL (Sports Luxury) collection, which interprets the original Saratoga design in a modern style.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, Concord became the maker of clock design. It was also the heyday of the famous Concord alarm clock. In fact, this was the first porwatch clockwork to travel for eight days. This travel clock was familiar to everyone in the past. Therefore, President Truman also used the Concord alarm clock as a gift to the heads of state of the Potsdam Peace Conference. One of the alarm clocks has become a private collection of President Truman and is now being stored in the Truman Independent Library in Missouri.

At the same time, Concord’s design has become a model for modern watches. Concord creates gold and stainless steel watches for its vast market, including the US Army and the US Navy. The fine jewellery watch manufacturers are eager for the movements of Concord watches and later became the main supplier of premium watch movements.

After the end of World War II, Concord created a new medallion watch and uncovering watch. Its high-quality watch has written a glorious page in history. In the 1950s, Concord estimated that the style of the watch would be as important as its function. Therefore, the bracelet watch was specially designed, and today it has become a collector’s treasure.

The Concord watch, which has always been known for its temperament and taste, has left a lot of historical notes for centuries. In 1979, Concord developed the world’s slimmest watch, the Delirium ultra-thin series, which shines on the watch. This year, in 2007, is definitely a new year for Concord. To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the 2008 Concord watch brand, the new “C1” series was launched. The “C1” series is derived from “Concord 1” and “Concept 1”. The ultra-thick sapphire crystal glass has a change of light and shadow. The original ear structure is a skin-reinforcing muscle. The large and thick case design is To declare the brand’s transformation with “The Watch. Reconstructed.” The combination of 53 detachable parts is composed of five elements modern/technical/surprise/radical/daring innovation.

The world ranking of Concord watches is relatively high, and Concord’s design has become a model for modern watches. Concord creates gold and stainless steel watches for its vast market, including the US Army and the US Navy. The fine jewellery watch manufacturers are eager for the movements of Concord watches and later became the main supplier of premium watch movements. Concord watches range in price from 10,000 to more than 2 million. The high-priced Concord watch is mostly due to the use of precious metals and diamonds.Therefore, the high-priced Concord watch has a good collection value.

Men must have a “big three needle” Appreciation of the Blancpain Villeret watch

The Blancpain brand was founded in 1735 by Jehan-Jacques Blancpain. Its Villeret collection is named after the brand’s birthplace. It is the most classic series in the brand. Each watch in the collection contains endless treasure watches. Deeply, it draws valuable experience from the long history of the brand, creating a wristband for modern gentlemen. Let’s take a look at a classic Blancpain three-handed watch. (Watch model: 6630-1531-55B)

The watch is made of 18K white gold, creating a bright and moist beauty that is unique to metal quality, while the bezel features Blancpain’s signature double bezel design, continuing the most classic elemental design of the Villeret collection, 42 mm watch The size of the track adapts to the needs of contemporary men’s wrists, and it is matched with the exquisite suits, which can reflect the noble temperament of men.

The side lugs are also made of 18K white gold. The body is decorated with a non-slip texture to ensure the accurate timing of the watch. The top is engraved with the unique “JB” logo on the top, giving the watch exclusive attributes.

The white dial is made of Da Ming Huo craftsmanship. The overall white and transparent design gives a clean and elegant color tone. This kind of firing process is very complicated. In production, it is necessary to apply multiple layers of color on the same raft. After each layer is applied, it is fired and reinforced with a high temperature of more than 1000 °C, and the digital enamel coloring also undergoes the same high-temperature fire baptism. After repeated iterations, this pure and flawless dial is obtained. The details are carefully designed by the watchmakers.

The retro and elegant black Roman numerals highlight the most classic logo of the Blancpain Villeret series. The date display window is set at 3 o’clock, the hollow pointer is placed in the middle, and the “JB” logo of the Blancpain brand is designed at the end of the second hand. It is chic and fresh.

The watch is equipped with a black alligator strap. To ensure the durability of the strap, the lining is set in Alzavel calf leather with a folding clasp in 18K white gold.

 The watch has a back-to-back design and the sapphire glass under the cover reveals the subtle movement of the movement. The interior of the watch is equipped with a Blancpain 1335 self-winding mechanical movement, each of which has been carefully ground to provide an exceptionally long power reserve of 192 hours.

Summary: Extremely simple appearance, superb technical performance manufacturing, complex and detailed material design, combined with each other to show Blancpain’s most classic big three-needle watch, handed down classic. Interested friends may wish to pay more attention to it.

Watch Waterproof Apron Manufacturing

The waterproof ring acts to seal the inside of the watch because its cross-section is mostly round, hence the name: O-RING/O. It is widely used in watches. Don’t think that the waterproof ring is a simple thing, it is not simple.

First of all, we need to make a waterproof ring mold. Now we will use a modern digital machining center (CNC), especially some odd-shaped shaped waterproof ring. It is watching to use CNC to help mold.

The other is the flatness and mold shape of the flat-boring machine milling machine. This machine is part of the necessary machinery for the mold.

Raw materials need to be mixed with raw materials before using a special mixer. The raw materials are mixed and heated by a mixer to achieve a soft dough.

It is taken out and placed in a cutting machine and rolled out by thickness rolling, and then cut into several sizes that conform to the production.

It will be cut into several sizes through the cutting machine and put into the molding machine. The function of the molding machine is: the clamping force of the vulcanization molding machine for various rubber products is 200 tons to 250 tons. The set values ​​of the molding parameters (pressure, time, temperature) are quite swatch with the actual values, ensuring swatch product quality. Adjuswatch slow clamping function to adapt to different types of molding conditions

The pressed prototype needs to be subjected to a secondary vulcanization treatment, which is a process in which the glue is heated or heated at a high temperature to cause the glue layer to change from a linear molecule to a network structure under the action of a promoter. According to the heating form, it is divided into steam heating vulcanization, hot water heating vulcanization, and room temperature vulcanization. Among them, steam heating vulcanization is divided into direct heating (bulk heating) vulcanization and indirect heating vulcanization.

The eddy current grinding and polishing machine performs the surface polishing treatment of the material body to achieve gloss.

The polished material will still have some draping. At this time, the frozen trimming machine is needed. It is a kind of ultra-low temperature using liquid nitrogen to make the flash of the rubber and plastic products quickly embrittlement, and in this state, The frozen particles sprayed at a high speed impinge on the flash (diffuse) of the product, thereby achieving the high-quality and high-efficiency removal of the burrs of the rubber product (the crease) and keeping the physical properties of the rubber and plastic products themselves unchanged. Special trimming equipment. It can greatly improve the trimming precision of rubber and plastic products and has a high degree of intensification. At present, this kind of equipment has become an indispensable downstream trimming processing equipment for precision rubber and plastic products enterprises in developed countries.

After the above polishing and trimming, at this time the piece of material goes to the picking workshop for picking.

In fact, the waterproof ring is separated from the trim. Generally, the waterproof ring mold has several sizes at the same time. The main purpose is to save time and material time.

After the excavation is completed, go to the sorting workshop and the inspection department. Sorting requires sorting the waterproof rings of different scales and checking whether there are problems such as damage, collapse, cracking and breaking.

The small waterproof ring needs to be sorted and inspected by means of a microscope, such as a small-sized waterproof ring for the watch and the system.

The waterproof ring is also manufactured in a series of tests, which will be pressed against the sample (or test piece) using a Shore hardness tester until the bottom of the hardness tester is in full contact with the sample, and the pointer is displayed. The scale is the hardness value of the sample (test piece). In order to stabilize the measurement conditions and improve the measurement accuracy, the metering device should be measured on the same type of measuring frame that is produced. For each measurement, three points should be selected at different positions, and the average value should be taken.

At the same time, the density specific gravity test of the material is also required. In physics, the mass per unit volume of a substance is called the density of the substance. Symbol ρ. The international main unit is kilograms/meter^3, and the common units are gram/cm^3. Its mathematical expression is ρ=m/V. In the International System of Units, the main unit of mass in kilograms, and the main unit of volume in cubic meters, so the mass of 1 cubic meter of material is taken as the density of matter. For non-uniform substances, it is called “average density”. The density tester is primarily used in an instrument that assists the laboratory in density measurement.

The size of the waterproof ring is of course not the same as that of the caliper. It is measured by the projection device, and the electronic ruler is qualified after the measurement.

At the same time, it must be subjected to compression deformation aging test, compression deformation aging test, low-temperature brittleness test, and other rigorous tests to meet the receiving standard of the watch waterproof ring.

An ordinary watch waterproof ring needs to pass the above rigorous testing tests, and finally, become a qualified product delivery watch factory production.

Zeppelin Watch Introduction

The  Zeppelin watch is a very popular German watch brand. This brand of watch work is very careful, fully reflecting the rigor of the Germans, this brand of watches are also perfectly perfect in all aspects.

What is the grade of Zeppelin watches?

Zeppelin watches, can be said to be in the high-end, low-end inside are the best. From his configuration and design, he can fully meet the general business needs and various business social activities. ZEPPELIN This watch brand comes from POINTtec in Munich, Germany. The design was inspired by the German ship Ferdinand Graf von ZEPPELIN invented the flying ship and its styling, and the watch function and watchmaking process, with classical aesthetics or fashion elements, to create a distinctive German-Italian watch. The main parts of the ZEPPELIN watch are made in Europe or Germany. All the watches will officially print “MADE IN GERMANY” on the panel or on the back of the watch, so whether it is a mechanical movement or a Swiss quartz movement, the strict quality is passed. Tube control, ZEPPELIN is a watch assembled in POINTtec’s own studio and is one of the few brands still making watches in Germany.

How about Zeppelin watches?

The Zeppelin watch has a classic series, a vintage series, a black series, a square series, a captain series, a spaceship series and a flagship series. Each watch combines some unique shapes and colors of the flying ship, which is called time and system. The perfect combination of watch crafts. In particular, the flagship series, which is jointly developed and designed by POINTtec and the Munich University of Technology, combines an ultra-thin mechanical movement with a versatile quartz movement on the watch and is the leading fashion and innovative style. In terms of grades, Zeppelin watches belong to four categories. But the ranking is relatively backward!

The workmanship of the watch is very fine, it is worthy of the original German, and every detail is handled very well. The style is very fashionable! It can be very tasteful when you pick it up. The word is very precise. The scale of the watch is very clear. The strap of the strap is very delicate and very comfortable to wear on the hand.

Patek Philippe Calatrava Series Rose Gold Men’s Watch

An era has an aesthetic trend of the times, and watch manufacturing is no exception. From the day the watch was born, the shape of the watch and the shape of the dial have been changing with the times. Each era has its own unique elements, but the watch design that most people agree with today It is still around, but the shape of the round watch is a classic that penetrates time and space, and it is the Patek Philippe’s credit to make the swatch circle become the mainstream of the watch. Introducing the Calatrava series of rose gold men’s watches today, the classic representative of the Patek Philippe round body!

“Calatrava” in the Patelati Calatrava series of rose gold men’s watches, which is the name of Patek Philippe’s timepiece for the round body. It is also named after Patek Philippe’s famous “Calatrava Cross” (cross star logo) since 1923. The implementation of the Calatrava series, in the introverted circular body, contains a lot of rich aesthetics and creativity, so before talking about Ref. 5123R-001, we must first pull the time back to 1923, to talk about the reason of Calatrava Enough to be the reason for its classics. Before the advent of Calatrava, Patek Philippe had experienced a difficult time, during the Great Depression, even though Patek Philippe, now known as the “King of the watch”, was not necessarily affected by the economic downturn. In the stormy operational crisis, Patek Philippe Breaking through the boat, I took a design that now seems normal, but at the time it brought abundance to the brand – the round case.

This is the idea from Henri Stern. He thinks that the most important thing about the watch is a clear time, the appearance of Ref. 96, the appearance of a variety of strange watches that appeared after the invention of the watch in 1910. The round watch in the human eye is just one of the various shapes. The key to the fact that the round watch becomes the mainstream of the watch is that Patek Philippe connects the simple dial and the simple lugs to the watch. The structure, the easy-to-read time, minutes and seconds are all three, and the three are integrated into one, convincing people that the round watch is synonymous with good use and good-looking. At the same time, Patek Philippe has successfully rescued its own crisis. The use of Calatrava’s streamlined shape to create a brand image of Patek’s exquisite, perfect and excellent performance has become a classic series that sells well.

The Patek Philippe Calatrava series of rose gold men’s watches is a replica of the P1178 in the late 1950s. From the original watch, you can see many of the classic flavors left by that glorious era. Due to the rise of the small seconds in the 1950s, the simple and simple three-pin structure of the P1178 makes people read the timeless, with the fine needle-shaped hour and minute hands with classical taste, which makes the watch fans think of the two in the beautiful age. Three things, P1178’s blood flows in the introverted streamlined version of the Calatrava series, the simple rectangular time scale and the pearl minute mark on the reading mechanism, and the six-point cross-shaped small seconds display, blending into a simple explicit structure, only 12 The Arabic numeral display at the o’clock position is slightly different from the Ref. 5123R-001. The new model has a double rectangular scale for the 12 o’clock display. In addition, there is a slight difference in the pointer shape and the fine needle pointer of the P1178. Only Vacheron Constantin is still in use today, and Patek Philippe later changed the fine needle to a sword needle to make it clearer at a clearer time. With the sword-needle structure and the streamlined dial, it is more overlapping and more powerful.

Compared with the P1178 in the 1950s, the new Patek Philippe Calatrava series rose gold men’s watch is about 80% similar. From the details of the watch, the body of the rose gold reveals that Patek Philippe uses the delicate beauty of K gold. Or the simple and streamlined layout design of the dial, let the watch fans taste the tone of the era of the 50s – a pursuit of the ultimate and pure aesthetic style. However, if you carefully consider the difference between the two, you can still see the design changes made by Patek Philippe Calatrava series rose gold men’s watch in the new era from the minute dial of the pearls surrounding the dial, the shape of the pointer, the hour scale, and the fine-tuning of the size of the watch. In the case of watch fans, the evaluation is different, perhaps because of the fine-tuned size, the slightly larger case of the 215 PS manual movement, the transparency of the transparent case bottom has a subtle difference, due to the 215 PS manual movement Smaller size, placed in a slightly larger body, when you look at the details of the movement from the transparent bottom cover, you will see a slightly thick rose gold body wrapped in the movement, which is the change made by Patek Philippe for the trend of the times. Generally, the diameter of watches produced in the 1950s is small, so the overall size of the watch is larger, although the difference from the front panel is not large, there is a clear difference from the bottom cover so that the watch fans The unique aesthetics after fine-tuning the design.

The Patek Philippe Calatrava series of rose gold men’s watch escapement splint is printed with the Patek Philippe imprint, which proves the high quality and value of the movement. It also means that the watch adopts a higher standard than all other watches. 18 gemstones are layered to cover the entire movement; the vibration frequency is 28,800vph, ensuring accurate travel time and avoiding the loss of components due to excessive frequency. It is the most ideal frequency at present.

Fendi Watch Introduction

Recently, I was obsessed with vintage. I entered this set of Fendi rainbow watches. The objects are beautiful and practical because there are 5 straps, single stacks or beautiful bracelets. The key is whether the strap is actually a lizard skin. Free combination, various colors swatch for different occasions. Black single wear is slightly dull but versatile for all formal wear. I like red and green stacks, I like blue or green alone, brown I don’t love, but in fact, this color is very elegant. Everything is perfect except that the box is a little rough and not worthy of identity.

Fendi’s watch, there should be very few people, when I bought it, I was advised to buy a Fendi square watch to protect the value, but I just look at this red round dial, the color is very expensive and very small woman, what clothes and bags can Take the price, the price is too specific to forget, it is almost this number. In fact, the horse behind the dial is really good, I also like this little detail.

If Fendi’s watch is bought at the counter price, it can be refunded. Generally, the discount can not be exchanged. After purchasing, you must keep the small ticket and warranty card of her home. These are very important in the future.

Fendi’s watches actually have many different series. The women’s watches in her family are mainly girls’ routes. Most of them are more lively and youthful. Of course, some of them are more mature. Men’s watches are more classic models, and most people can wear them.

The price of Fendi watches is between 6000 and 30,000 yuan, and the most popular models are around 10,000 yuan, such as RUNAWAY series, polished rose gold stainless steel case, rose gold stainless steel F inlay, the official website price is 8300 yuan.

For watches with diamonds and gems, the price is more expensive, such as the FENDI ISHINE series, which is set with a pink topaz (about 0.55 carats). The bezel is set with 45 diamonds (approx. 0.15 carats), and the central area is decorated with Florentine mosaic white mother-of-pearl. Turning the crown to turn the gemstone mechanism: 12 white topaz, 12 gradient red and pink support Paishi, and 12 black spinels (about 3.32 carats), the price is about 30,000 yuan, only gems without diamonds are about 20,000 yuan.

Fendi watches were born in Italy in the 1970s and 1980s. They are a high-end fashion luxury brand. Their main business is fur, leather, bags, fashion, accessories, and also involved in the home.

Fendi watches are positioned by the brand, their watches are basically in the ranks of 10,000 yuan, the grade is not low. Compared with traditional Swiss watches, Fendi’s watches are more like a fashion accessory, especially the tilted “F” on the dial, which makes the Fendi watch’s unique charm, making it popular among fashion people. For trend-setting people, the Fendi watch is a good choice, and for watch lovers, the Fendi watch may be slightly inferior to the watches produced by traditional Swiss watchmakers.

Breguet’s Hand-series Tradition 7038 Ladies Watch – Traditional And Ancient Reinterpretation!

It is mentioned that Breguet will naturally think of many traditional Breguet styles, such as coin-shaped case, welded lugs, hollow hands, and guilloché dials. The genius Mr. Bao Wei has provided countless design inspirations for countless watch designers. In fact, Mr. Bao Wei brought us more surprises than this. For example, today, this Breguet series Tradition 7038 ladies watch is like an early one. In the mid-1790s during the French Revolution, Mr. Breguet was honored by a Souscription watch in exile in Switzerland.

The Breguet series Tradition 7038 ladies watch dial design is the same as the 7097, 12 o’clock is the time dial, the hour and minute hands are naturally the traditional Breguet style, the barrel is placed in the middle of the dial, direct-drive time display, followed by The entire wheel train is lined up from an arc of 8 to 4 o’clock, and the entire gear train is in front of your eyes, constantly turning. The clockwork wheel is passed to the left-center/second wheel and then to the lower third wheel and the lower center of the fourth wheel (60 seconds one turn). Finally passed to the escape wheel on the right side, the pallet fork and the balance wheel. The 10 o’clock position is a retrograde second hand, and the length is significantly reduced relative to 7097.

The Breguet series Tradition 7038 ladies’ watch is equipped with Cal.505SR, which is clearly visible through the sapphire crystal bottom cover of the watch. This movement was also installed in the 40-meter 7097 men’s watch. Now the automatic turning machine also decorates the same sunflower machine with the dial. The back of the movement can enjoy the second-hand retrograde mechanism—the conventional movement layout It is generally hidden and hard to see.

Rarone Brand Introduction

Renault Watch is the leading brand of business watches and it is one of the top five brands of Chinese watches. Sun Honglei, the domestic popular movie star, is the image spokesperson of the Renault brand. With strong strength and outstanding market performance, it has achieved comprehensive strategic cooperation with top business systems such as Dashang, Maoye, Ginza and Parkson Group. There are more than 1,600 retail chain outlets nationwide. Founded in the early 1980s, Shenzhen Renault Watch Co., Ltd. is a large-scale watch company that develops, manufactures and sells watches for professional watches. After more than ten years of good production and operation, it has become the backbone enterprise of China’s watch industry. It is the executive director unit of China Watch Association, the executive director unit of Shenzhen Watch Association and the governing unit of Shenzhen-Hong Kong Watch Industry Association.

Renault watches were created by the three brothers of Wenzhou in Wenzhou, China. As early as the early 1980s, the Jane brothers began to get involved in the watch industry. Because the three brothers acted resolutely and vigorously, they talked aloud. Considering that his own style of work brings great economic benefits to the cause, the company’s name is based on the principle of “acting resolutely and arrogantly speaking”. In this regard, the Renault brand was born!

Renault watches are classified into business classics, business casual, business sports, and DESIGN4. The specific series includes 13 series including Witness Series, Excellence Series, and Eternal Series. What is the price of Renault watches? Renault watches range from 300 to 3,000 yuan, and the most popular models are generally between 1000 and 2,000 yuan.

Domestic brands, imported movements, and a white, but I prefer black, black ceramics and rose gold special atmosphere, I like it. Originally thought that the national watch will not be too good-looking, but the Renault watch this entity is really great, much like the Cartier classic, the price is super high.

Renault’s watch movements are mainly Japanese and Swiss. fair price. Only know that the quality of Renault watches made in China is generally not very good, not as good as similar types of Casio and Seiko watches, and the repair rate is also higher, and another quality is better.

Renault is a domestically produced watch, basically using Swiss and Japanese movements, and only designed its own appearance. There is no big problem with the quality. Mainly to see the price. I don’t know which one you are looking at. The price of this watch is not around 2000. The same price suggests choosing other brands~ It is said that the repair rate is quite high.

Renault watches are in the middle of the grade, certainly not as famous as Swiss watches.

How Bright Your Watch Is Determined By …

In the dark night, how do people look at the time? I believe many people’s answer is: buy a luminous watch and you’re done. But which kind of luminous watches are better, there are different advantages and disadvantages of different luminous materials, many people may not be very clear, and sometimes even invisible damage to health. Today, we will give you a popular science, how the watch shines; when we buy a watch, how should we choose?

First of all, we must clarify the principle of light. Whether it is fluorescent lamps, televisions or watches, the principle is the same: we can see the light because there are photons that enter our eyes when these photons vibrate at specific wavelengths. The colors we see will be different.


Light-emitting diodes are one of the best lighting materials, which is what we usually call LEDs. It works by passing a current through a semiconductor, causing electrons to move, releasing photons.

The old-fashioned electronic watch of the 1970s

The main application of this technology is the electronic watch. For example, the classic Casio F-91W, which uses indium gallium nitride in semiconductors, so its LED backlight is green. Low cost, lightweight and strong applicability make it one of the military’s favorites.

However, unlike many people’s stereotypes, LEDs are not only used in electronic watches, but also in some unique mechanical watches. For example, HYT, the top Swiss independent watch brand that likes to do things, has made a full-mechanical watch H4 Alinghi equipped with LED lighting technology. At the 6 o’clock position of the watch, two light-emitting diodes are buried, and when energized, white light is emitted to illuminate the entire dial. Seeing this, many people may ask, since it is powered by electricity, how can it be fully mechanical? This is the ingenuity of H4 Alinghi, which uses the generator-type principle to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy by rotating the crown at 4 o’clock and then pressing the crown to illuminate the LED light without any battery. Each rotation of the crown gives 5 seconds of illumination. The design is amazing and amazing.


But LED has a disadvantage because its light is emitted by the small light bulb in the corner of the dial, so the brightness is inevitably not even enough. In order to solve this problem, people began to replace it with electroluminescence. Electroluminescence (English electroluminescent), also known as electric field illumination, referred to as EL, is simply the use of luminescent materials to produce light under the action of an electric field, converting electrical energy into light energy. Indiglo, the exclusive lighting technology of Tianmei, applies this principle.

Nowadays, many digital electronic watches have begun to replace LEDs with EL for aesthetics and legibility. For example, Casio’s F-105W has a film underneath its dial, which is composed of a back electrode layer, an insulating layer, a light-emitting layer, and a transparent electrode layer. When the current passes, the phosphor inside is stimulated, thereby uniformly emitting Light.

Light-storing fluorescent material

There are two types of fluorescent materials: light storage type and self-luminous type. Unlike LEDs and ELs that require human power, they can automatically illuminate. Let’s first look at the mode of the light storage type.

The light-storing fluorescent material can absorb the external light energy (and some non-visible light can also absorb, such as UV or IR), so that the internal electrons become “active”; when the external light source disappears, the material will begin to slowly Attenuation, the internal electrons gradually return to a “swatch” state. During this time, the stored energy is released in the form of photons of a specific wavelength, that is, illuminating. The more commonly used light-storing fluorescent materials are zinc sulfide and barium aluminate, which vary in length from a few minutes to several hours depending on the quality.

For example, Rolex’s chroma light luminous application is based on this principle. As mentioned above, in the process of returning the electron from the “active” state to the “swatch” state, photons of a specific wavelength are emitted. At the beginning of the article, we have explained that the difference in wavelength determines the color. Rolex takes advantage of this by adding various catalysts to the material to control the wavelength of the photon, so that what color is desired. For example, if you want green, add a little copper as a catalyst so that the wavelength is controlled at 535 nm. If you want a fascinating chroma light blue, add a bit of 铕 so that the wavelength of the photon becomes 490nm.

Self-luminous fluorescent material

However, it should be noted that the light-storing type fluorescent material has a disadvantage that the light-emitting time is not long enough, and as the material ages, its brightness will be further attenuated in time. Even a good brand like Rolex can only improve and cannot completely avoid this problem. In contrast, self-luminous fluorescent materials do not have such problems. The difference between them and light-storing fluorescent materials is the addition of radioactive materials. As the radioactive elements decay, the surrounding electrons continue to be “active.” “The state changes to a “swatch” state and photons are released during this process. Since the radioactive material does not stop decay, the luminescence duration is well ensured.

About a century ago, people used radium as radioactive material. Radium and all its isotopes are highly radioactive and can self-illuminate without the need for further phosphors. But as people realize the dangers of radium to health, this material is gradually being abandoned, replaced by cockroaches. Niobium is an isotope of hydrogen, has excellent luminescence properties, and is much less harmful to the human body than radium, so it is widely welcomed by everyone. However, although it does not cause harm to the wearer, it is not the case for workers who apply luminescent materials. They are exposed to this material for a long time, and there is no obstruction of the mirror. Health is very bad. positive effect. It is for this reason that cockroaches are no longer so popular.

In order to solve the safety problem of self-luminous fluorescent materials, a device called “squeezing tube” has been created, the main structure of which is filled with helium gas and fluorescent material in a closed glass tube. The higher the pressure applied when filling the helium, the higher the energy that activates the fluorescent material and the greater the brightness of the emitted light. With this device, the radiation of the crucible is effectively isolated, and the illumination duration is also guaranteed, which is a better compromise under the existing conditions.

The luminescent materials of the watch are roughly the ones described above. So far, it seems impossible to find a perfect material, you can choose according to your own needs. In any case, these various kinds of light are always very convenient for our lives.

Which kind of luminous watch would you choose?

Girard-Perregaux Christmas Selection Guide

Girard-Perregaux Christmas Wrists

A touch of rose gold is like a warm winter sun and a honey brilliance, let him feel the infinite warmth on a cold winter day. The 36.20 x 35.25 mm rose gold rectangular case of this new retro 1945 series small seconds watch not only contains the masculine charm, but also the beauty of the Art Deco style; the white matte dial and the case have a consistent and precise arc design, which perfectly fits him. The wrist; the dial echoes with the satin-finished small second’s dial, and the bright red number 60 on the small second’s dial is the brightest color in the entire design. The rail-shaped minute scale is complemented by an elegant Breguet digital inlay, and the face-to-face prince-style hour and minute hands are created by the ultimate manual bending process, precisely matching the dial curvature to create a pleasing reflective texture. Inadvertently, the wrist is awkward, elegant and solemn, and the sense of exaggeration is instantly as radiant as the sun is shining.

Want him to be like you at the end of the day, every minute and every second? GP Girard-Perregaux offers this 1966 series full-time watch for your loved ones, letting time record eternal, love and day-to-night heritage. With a rose gold case, this watch features an extremely compact and practical date, week, month and moon phase full-time display. The 12-hour position of the watch is set with two side-by-side date windows showing the day of the week and the month; the 6 o’clock position shows the moon phase, and the date display surrounds the week. The watch is well-proportioned, clear and easy to read, cleverly designed and distinguished. Through the sapphire crystal case back, you can enjoy the delicate operation of the GP033M0, the self-produced automatic movement of Girard-Perregaux. The round case design of the 1966 Girard-Perregaux 1966 series full-time watch has won the favor of Asian men. The simple design complements the complex functions of the full calendar, which not only highlights the elegant style of the male wrist but also makes him look good and miss. tide.

She, like the sun, makes the dark universe infinite; the brightest star of Christmas night is the pair of eyes she sees in the cat’s eye series. The new Cat Eye Series Power Reserve Watch injects fresh blood into the collection, giving it a beautifully engraved effect, with an elegant personality. With the effect of the embossed effect, the small second’s dial at 9 o’clock is like the sun, emitting exquisite light in the asymmetric position. The calendar window at 3 o’clock perfectly echoes the distant planet and the small second’s dial. Infinite random light effect. The flashing diamond indicates the hour, and the power reserve display looks like the stars scattered in the galaxy. The elegant wavy Arabic numerals “6”, “9” and “12” shine brightly, and the diamond-encrusted outer ring makes this precious watch shine brightly. If it is a star, it will definitely add glory to the Iraqis.