How about the CLUSE watch?

CLUSE watch price: 600-1300RMB

This brand of watches has been screened by the fashion bloggers, and each fashion blog owner has a rhythm. The niche art seems to be low-key but very textured. The black dial is a special feature, and the price of a few hundred pieces is really cost-effective. The exquisite, minimalist and neutral design make CLUSE watch always have high popularity, precisely because this style is not only classic but also has no difficulty in driving.

CLUSE is also a Dutch brand that is extremely simple. It focuses on the large dial, the fine strap, especially for girls, the fine wrist with a large dial, cool and cute. There are also many choices for straps. There are canvas series, light and convenient, swatch for girls who are casual. Its La Roche collection, the dial is a marble crack print, super texture, each texture is different, unique taste, swatch for the current popular Normcore cool style. But this series is very explosive, so the official website often writes Sold Out.

How is the CLUSE watch?

The Dutch watch brand Cluse, the minimalist and clean big dial is the main, a little French style. The circular dial basically presents only a simple scale. The black-faced style is more classic, and the gold-colored bar-shaped hour markers and hands are clearly visible on a black background. Its La Roche collection, the dial is a marble crack print, looks like a high-grade cold, out of stock is also frequent. It is familiar to Ins bloggers because of its minimalist style. Because of its versatility and good texture, it is often used by bloggers to stack other accessories, and the frequency of appearance is super high. It is a small brand, but the products are popular.