Fendi Watch Introduction

Recently, I was obsessed with vintage. I entered this set of Fendi rainbow watches. The objects are beautiful and practical because there are 5 straps, single stacks or beautiful bracelets. The key is whether the strap is actually a lizard skin. Free combination, various colors swatch for different occasions. Black single wear is slightly dull but versatile for all formal wear. I like red and green stacks, I like blue or green alone, brown I don’t love, but in fact, this color is very elegant. Everything is perfect except that the box is a little rough and not worthy of identity.

Fendi’s watch, there should be very few people, when I bought it, I was advised to buy a Fendi square watch to protect the value, but I just look at this red round dial, the color is very expensive and very small woman, what clothes and bags can Take the price, the price is too specific to forget, it is almost this number. In fact, the horse behind the dial is really good, I also like this little detail.

If Fendi’s watch is bought at the counter price, it can be refunded. Generally, the discount can not be exchanged. After purchasing, you must keep the small ticket and warranty card of her home. These are very important in the future.

Fendi’s watches actually have many different series. The women’s watches in her family are mainly girls’ routes. Most of them are more lively and youthful. Of course, some of them are more mature. Men’s watches are more classic models, and most people can wear them.

The price of Fendi watches is between 6000 and 30,000 yuan, and the most popular models are around 10,000 yuan, such as RUNAWAY series, polished rose gold stainless steel case, rose gold stainless steel F inlay, the official website price is 8300 yuan.

For watches with diamonds and gems, the price is more expensive, such as the FENDI ISHINE series, which is set with a pink topaz (about 0.55 carats). The bezel is set with 45 diamonds (approx. 0.15 carats), and the central area is decorated with Florentine mosaic white mother-of-pearl. Turning the crown to turn the gemstone mechanism: 12 white topaz, 12 gradient red and pink support Paishi, and 12 black spinels (about 3.32 carats), the price is about 30,000 yuan, only gems without diamonds are about 20,000 yuan.

Fendi watches were born in Italy in the 1970s and 1980s. They are a high-end fashion luxury brand. Their main business is fur, leather, bags, fashion, accessories, and also involved in the home.

Fendi watches are positioned by the brand, their watches are basically in the ranks of 10,000 yuan, the grade is not low. Compared with traditional Swiss watches, Fendi’s watches are more like a fashion accessory, especially the tilted “F” on the dial, which makes the Fendi watch’s unique charm, making it popular among fashion people. For trend-setting people, the Fendi watch is a good choice, and for watch lovers, the Fendi watch may be slightly inferior to the watches produced by traditional Swiss watchmakers.