Longines top high replica watch price

When users pay attention to the price of Longine’s top high replica watch, they also need to pay attention to the quality of the watch. When the price of the watch is lowered, the quality of the watch will be reduced. The first is that it will reduce the appearance of the watch. If you want the watch to have a good appearance, you first need to have a good design in production, but the design also needs the corresponding cost, so Let it be a big increase in the price of the watch.

Moreover, when the user purchases, in the case of different prices, they often have different stability in the use process, precisely because they want to make the watch have good stability, it is also necessary to Let it have a good production process in production, and under the production process, it will also increase the production cost in the process of use, so the price of such a watch is different, often the watch is swatch. Sex will also vary greatly.

In addition to the above, the watch has a good quality, but also need to see what kind of business qualifications. Therefore, when users choose this watch, they must also pay attention to it. It is because a watch has a good movement in production that it will make the watch have a good service life, but it will also make the watch have a higher price. On the contrary, the small manufacturer will make the price of the watch lower, but the service life will also decrease.

Longines Concas mechanical watch error standard

The Longines Concas series is an elegant expression of the elegance of Longines. Made of stainless steel and ceramics, it perfectly reflects the unmatched combination of powerful functions and elegant temperament. Its outstanding technical features meet the requirements of the most discerning sportspeople. However, there are no clocks in the world, and even Longines Concas mechanical watches have errors. So what is the range of the Longines Concas mechanical watch error? Let’s let Shiming Xiaobian tell everyone.

The error of Longines is caused by the gravity of the earth. The gravity accuracy of the gravity is subject to the adjustment of the movement before the factory, the wearing habits of the individual, the change of the surrounding temperature, the quality of the movement, the quality of the oil, etc. The impact of objective conditions. There is no completely accurate mechanical watch in the world. The Longines Concars mechanical watch error can be as good as every second or the error is small. It is actually the result of the positive and negative offsets of different wearing positions in one day.

For the travel time error of the clock, the current line standard specifies the range of the Longines error: the calendar mechanical watch type I (male watch) when the time is short, the range of the error is: -30 to +45 seconds per 24 hours of superior products; 24-hour error -40 ~ +75 seconds; qualified products every 24 hours error -60 ~ +105 seconds. The continuation time is greater than or equal to 36 hours. Automatic mechanical watch type I (male watch) time when the Longines error range is: excellent product every 24 hours error -20 ~ +30 seconds; first-class every 24 hours error -30 ~ +60 seconds; qualified products every 24 hours error -50 to +90 seconds. The continuation time is greater than or equal to 36 hours.

1. It is best to wind your mechanical watch at the same time every day. This practice is very beneficial for internal mechanical devices. If you want to form a regularity, it is recommended that you wake up your love watch every morning after getting up.

2. If you wear an automatic watch every day, the best way to maintain it is to wind up every two weeks to ensure that its gears run smoothly. Gently rotate the crown (it can also adjust the time and date) until you feel the slightest urgency.

  • If you are not wearing an automatic watch every day, you should ensure that the watch is wound at least once every two weeks to ensure the continuous operation of the watch, that is, to ensure the normal operation of the internal mechanical device.

Longines La Grande Classique how to change the battery waterproof ring

The Longines La Grande Classique is the thinnest collection of Longines watches, and its thin and light body is a feature that attracts the attention of watch lovers. The Longines La Grande Classique watch continues to be this quality, which makes the La Grande Classique collection a favorite of many watch lovers, especially for mature men. It is particularly light and easy to wear, it feels like wearing a watch. But the hand does wear a watch. But even if a good watch will have a battery exhausted day, how do you change the battery? Let me introduce you to the following

       1. How to change the battery waterproof ring of Longines La Grande Classique series

Longines La Grande Classique watch battery can be changed to a special repair shop, but the general price is more expensive, so many people choose to buy their own batteries to change. How do you change it yourself?

First of all, the first step is to remember to wash your hands! This is important and cannot be static or dirty.

Then prepare the tools, such as adding the back of the watch, screw the screws on the back of the watch with a screwdriver, then remove the back of the watch, then carefully remove the small battery with a screwdriver, and put the new battery into it with the insulated tweezers. This is to prevent the battery from being short-circuited. If there are no insulated tweezers, use the cleaned hands. Then wipe the back cover of the watch, add waterproof grease to the waterproof ring, and finally close the back cover.

2. How about Longines La Grande Classique mechanical men’s watch?

Longines originally designed the traditional essence of the La Grande Classique series was born in 1992. The La Grande Classique men’s watch is made of stainless steel, and the 4.60 mm ultra-thin case is the most attractive and unique feature of this new timepiece. This iconic result is attributed to the unique case design, with the lugs and bracelets connected to the back of the case, which has been registered as a patent by Longines. The slim and sleek, ultra-thin, streamlined design is filled with extremely elegant temperament. The men’s watch is loaded with a quartz movement with a black crocodile strap with a buckle, or a steel bracelet with a folding safety clasp and a push-on opening device. The bracelet with good flexibility fits perfectly to the wearer’s wrist curve.

The Longines La Grande Classique collection is a symbol of the classic elegance of Longines and is highly sought after by watch lovers from all over the world. The service of Longines La Grande Classique is also very good. If the battery is dead or the waterproof ring is hardened for a long time, it can be taken to the counter for repair. Because of the good after-sales service, Longines La Grande Classique series mechanical watches have been favored by many male consumers. The Longines La Grande Classique collection can be elegantly worn by both men and women.

How Longines watches identify true and false

Many brand-name watches are counterfeited. Due to the difference in craftsmanship, there will be differences between true and false. Let’s take a look at how Longines watches identify true and false.

In the watch market, some imported counterfeit brand-name watches, such as Longines watches, Longines watches, and imported originals, built watches, mainly differ in structure, quality, function, and installation. All parts are replicas, including the LONGINES trademark and Grades and packaging. Such goods are generally structurally flawed, have poor functions, and have a high failure rate. Some of the Longines women’s watches, such as those recently seen on the market, look like originals. There are also some parts that are manufactured by the original manufacturer (marked), but the application of many key components and the assembly of the whole machine, especially the use. The trademarks, brands, are all fake.

How to identify the true and false Longines watches – see the Longines watch dial

Some of Switzerland’s brand-name watches have special fine letter marks on the dial. The Longines watch has small numbers and marks printed on the lower end of the dialed number 6. Indicates the movement number and the plate number. Such as the Longines master series Mark and movement number, you need to use a magnifying glass to see it (only sesame thick 1 / 5 size). Most counterfeit watches also print some mark letters on the dial but generally have defects The plates or trademark letters and patterns are not tightly set on the dial, and there are more scratches on the disc. There is no such super pictogram. At the same time, some dials are set higher So that the front end of the watch pointer is tilted upwards, causing the needle and the disc to be non-parallel.

How Longines watches identify true and false – look at the watch case

The brand name of the original brand watch is fine and beautiful, with high finish and assembly. Counterfeit watch cases are rough, but not precise, they are mostly counterfeit products.

How to identify the true and false Longines watches – check the head of the watch

The name of the brand name table is printed with the trademark letter. The fake Longines watch has ahead, some have no letters, some have letter marks, but the big ones are very rough. A counterfeit watch with a calendar and a weekly calendar, viewed from the calendar window, the outside of the calendar dial is tilted backward, and some calendar discs can be seen to be made of plastic.

How Longines watches identify true and false – observe the case back and logo

All original brand-name watches, especially men’s watches, the back cover of the case is engraved with the name of the watch in English, the name of the country of production, and all-steel or steel, shockproof, anti-magnetic and other marks And the trademark pattern of the watch brand is engraved. Some watches are also engraved with some numbers, indicating the movement number and the shell number. The letters on the back of the counterfeit watch are few (or not), and they are very Rough and unclear, and there is no mark of the shell number or the movement number. The new original watch has a layer of film on the back cover, such as Nissan Oriental and Citizen Women’s Watch. Swiss gold-plated shell watch. Engraved in the open position of the case, indicating the amount of gold plating on the case. Counterfeit watches do not have this type of mark. The fake Longines auto-top edge is mostly laser electric, while the real one is polished.