How about the eone watch? Is the quality of the eone watch good?

The eone watch has been worn by many people in young people in recent years. Although this brand was originally designed for the blind, such a distinctive design is loved by many young people, so it is now worn by many people as decorative watches.

Time is invisible in our minds, and the length of time can only be measured by timers such as watches and clocks. There are many kinds of watches on the market today, but most of them are mainly electronic watches, and they have a small number of mechanical watches. These watches can be used by normal people with sufficient vision, but those who are blind can not use them. But the touch of this part of the people is still relatively good.

The EONE red dot touch tactile magnetic watch has a simple and elegant design, and the entire case is made of ultra-light titanium. Titanium has the following advantages: 1. Lighter, more sensitive, durable and durable. It has been sought after by many people since it was applied to watches. 2. It has good corrosion resistance, especially for seawater. Corrosion resistance, it is now selected by most watchmakers as a popular material for diving cases and dials.

Eone is a super-designed product with the same style. There is a brand design concept. There are many colors (rose gold, gold, pink, blue, black, silver, etc.). The key point is!!! ~ The color of the belt can be easily changed with a ~ a watch can be worn in two colors, and now the belt is also delivered. Both men and women are suiwatch for wearing, the side beads represent the hour hand, and the middle beads represent the minute hand!!!

The name of this watch is Eone designer. It seems that the predecessor was a brand that designed watches for the blind. I saw the big characters written on the box Designed for everyone! Because even the invisible people can touch it. To perceive time, creativity is very special! The dial has two beads, the outer ring is the hour hand and the minute hand is attracted by the magnetic force. Even if you move by hand, he will automatically return to the position. The strap is stainless steel black, very textured, you can also choose the strap of the cloth material, the price is much cheaper.

Eone watch evaluation


The shape of the watch is different, it shows the time through two ball bearings. The balls inside the dial are used to display minutes, while the sides of the dial are used to display hours. The case diameter is 40mm, the case thickness is 11.5mm, the strap width is 20mm, the size is moderate, and the shape is simple and neat. On the watch material, the EONE team carefully selected the Swiss quartz movement, built into the case made of titanium. The exterior is beautiful and durable, and the inside is precise and delicate, which makes people have to love.


With regard to day-to-day operations, EONE Bradley’s two bearings are connected by magnets and watch movements, propelling time to move. The design team from Harvard and MIT spent a lot of time researching so that the magnetic force does not affect the movement of the movement, ensuring that time is as accurate as ever. Even if the ball is moved, simply roll the watch and the ball will bounce back to the correct position.

Waterproof performance

The watch is lightly waterproof, about 50 meters, so the wearer can still use it while bathing and swimming. However, in order to protect your watch, it is recommended not to wear it when you start.

to sum up

On the one hand, EONE Bradley’s design is quite simple, the dial at a glance, plus a variety of materials and color optional strap, almost made it a versatile product. No matter how old or young, men and women can try to control, and its special texture can also add a lot to the daily mix. On the other hand, Eone’s first magnetic touch watch does not need to be seen with the eyes, and direct touch can get time to help cope with the embarrassing situation and inconvenient scenes in life.

Eone watch style

Eone Timepieces are free of the design of traditional watch hands, and the wearer senses time by touching a small ball on the surface. Even if you accidentally push the ball, you can easily restore it with two quick wrists. Its simple design makes it versatile! The strap supports disassembly, and the color control can fill life with various colors.

The metal is gentle and fresh and can hold various occasions. Lazy afternoon improvised holding a guitar to a song, holding a book to read dark. Eone is not enough to decorate. Small leather boots, ripped jeans, and small scarves of Navy, Eone is still versatile. Finish a delicate pull flower, look at the time, and slow flow. Eone’s black and silver strap design is perfect for couples.

What is the meaning of the back of the watch?

The back of the watch is a very professional term in the watch. Many people still don’t know what it means. When choosing, they are also very entangled with the difference between the back and the back. Today, we will organize it for everyone!

Today’s watches are popular at the bottom of the watch (usually called “back through”). The back cover is the cover on the back of the watch is transparent, you can see the movement of the watch. Can directly see the movement of the movement, the general small problems can also be seen, such as rust, structural failures. However, many people say that a watch that is worn back is easy to enter and not waterproof. In fact, the degree of sealing that each watch has made is not necessarily the vacuum state of the finished watch. Even a very expensive watch, a multi-precision watch, will have a little bit of a loophole. Back-to-back watches also have its benefits. Many people like to look through the watch because it allows you to see the mechanical parts inside it at a glance. In the past, there was only one watch glass. When the watch was made through the bottom cover, it became two top and bottom watch glasses. The purpose of the watch that is undoubtedly the bottom is to let us watch the watch movement.

Back through the watch is good or not good

The back-opening watch is transparent behind the watch and you can see the back movement. With the rapid development of society, watches are also constantly innovating, hollowed out, diamond-studded, gemstones, big three needles, small three needles and so on. Although you can’t see the movement of the movement without looking through the watch, it is better than not to look back at the watch in some respects. For example, the waterproof performance of the watch, the sealing performance without backing is higher than that of the back. The anti-magnetic aspect of the watch is weaker than the one that is not worn.

The back of the watch can see the movement of the movement. If the movement has some small defects, rust, structural failures, etc., it can be quickly observed and easy to maintain, and the back-to-back watch can be more easily distinguished. In terms of health, the back-slip watch is friendly, because the back-performed watch glass basically uses a synthetic sapphire glass mirror, which can greatly reduce the nickel-metal seepage in the stainless steel from the contact with the human wrist skin. To reduce possible allergic effects on human skin.

Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the back of the watch

Advantages of the back-through watch:

In addition to the excellent manufacturing process inside the movement, the watch can also directly observe the daily operation of the movement. Some small problems can be quickly observed, such as rust, structural failure, etc., which is convenient for maintenance, and Back-to-back watches make it easier, to tell the truth.

Disadvantages of the back watch:

There is also a shortage of back-slip watches, which are not comparable to steel covers in terms of water resistance, anti-magnetic properties, and robustness.

A lady in the watch A brief review of the Patek Philippe DIAMOND RIBBON high-bead watch

Patek Philippe has always been regarded as a blue-blood aristocrat in the watch industry. It is low-key, but it represents a kind of high-level luxury. Patek Philippe is the dream of many people, including some women. In the traditional impression, women’s watches are often full of tricks, the pursuit of form beauty, while women are not very sensitive to machinery, so mechanical women’s watches are not valued for a long time. In pursuit of the original design of external classic aesthetics, Patek Philippe did not give up the right of women to appreciate the beauty of machinery. Compared with the women’s watches of many brands, Patek Philippe’s women’s watch reveals a sense of high quality worthy of savor.

Patek Philippe’s women’s watches are quite a few, but the women’s watches that are completely arranged in diamonds always look a bit too exaggerated. How to make the diamonds and watches form a perfect fusion, it is interesting to convey the classic aesthetics and highlight the design sense. thing. The DIAMOND RIBBON high-end jewelry watch launched by Patek Philippe gives a wonderful answer. Her beautiful, advanced and extraordinary charm reveals the extravagance and temperament of everyone and is called the celebrity in the watch.

The 33.3 mm gauge, the size of the classic ladies’ watch, is very friendly to women. The case is made of 18K white gold, which is low-key but gives off a brilliant metallic luster. The dial is extremely heavy in design, and the geometric shape gives the watch a unique charm.

DIAMOND RIBBON is a very interesting name, RIBBON is the meaning of the ribbon, this watch is set with a soft ribbon in the shape of a diamond, ingenuity. In addition to the spiral ribbon shape on the front of the case, the side of the case is also a progressive diamond arrangement, so the overall has a strong layering. Of course, this is not easy, because the size of the diamond is strictly required. The ribbon also symbolizes the elegance of women.

The classic Patek Philippe crown and the embossed Calatrahua cross have become a symbol of historical heritage, supreme taste, and top pursuit.

The object is very shiny, but it is difficult to describe her beauty in words. The white mother-of-pearl dial has a spiral texture on the surface, but due to the material, it is difficult to understand the texture of the photo. The gold-plated rhodium-plated Arabic numerals and black-treated gold willow pointers are very simple but very harmonious and very beautiful. Compared with the quaintness of Roman numerals, I always feel that the modernity of Arabic numerals is always more attractive to young people. At 6 o’clock, the moon phase plate is made of sapphire. The moon and stars above are pressed by gold.

The transparent bottom cover can highlight the beauty of the Patek Philippe movement. The watch is equipped with a 215 PS LU manual mechanical movement with a power of 38-44 hours. For modern watches, power is relatively short, especially for women. This movement layout is very classical, with the taste of the old pocket watch movement layout, but with the first-class workmanship and polishing, it shows the exquisiteness and beauty without fear of time.

Patek Philippe DIAMOND RIBBON high-end jewelry watch is simple in design, but elegant in style, no fancy color, no elements to follow the trend, overall is very classic, but everywhere is extraordinary, so high-level design and craft, innocent Patek Philippe. I think that only if you really taste a senior lady, you can understand it. The watch is priced at RMB 405100.

How to tell the true and false swatch watch

All genuine Swatch has a unique product number. This product number consists of English letters and numbers. For example, the letter L starts with the Lady series watch, the G starts with the Gent series watch, the SL starts with the music watch, and the SU starts with the commemorative watch. Etc., and the numbers that follow are the same series of watches arranged in the order of the year. The smaller the number, the earlier the design is issued. The product number of each genuine Swatch can be found on the official website of Swatch.

Identify from the movement and the place of origin

More legitimate sellers of fake Swatch will have a difference in price and authenticity. A few dozen yuan, 20, 30 yuan of original plastic watches, 50, 60 yuan of the ultra-thin metal watch, it must be fake. No matter what channel, the real thing can’t be sold at a price lower than one-tenth of the original price. If in the description of the goods, the seller said that the place of origin is Hong Kong, or the movement is a Japanese movement, then it is obvious that this is a counterfeit Swatch. The authentic Swatch is made in Switzerland and is a Swiss movement.

Identify from the back of the watch

In addition to the fully automatic mechanical watch (the back of the watch is fully transparent), the back of all genuine Swatch is semi-closed, only a circular battery cover is exposed and can be opened. In addition to maximizing the waterproof, anti-magnetic and shockproof performance of the watch, this design and production is also a point that the replica Swatch can’t imitate. If you are buying online, if you are not sure whether it is a genuine Swatch, you only need to ask the seller for a physical picture of the back of the watch, you should be able to judge the authenticity of the watch.

Identify from the details

Hands: The Swatch’s hands are generally short, and almost everyone is the same. The Swatch has a long needle and the shape of the hands vary greatly depending on the style.

Printing in English: Some replicas of Swatch work poorly, and even English like Swatch and Swiss will be wrong.

Material and workmanship: This point is not elaborated, the authentic and replica goods are indeed very different.

Year: This is also a very important way to judge the true and false Swatch. Most of the authentic Swatch is on the outermost circle of the dial, sometimes just below the bottom and sometimes below the left. There will be several small printed English words “SWATCH AG XXXX (four-digit year)”. This four-digit year indicates the year of the Swatch design. This will make it easy for Swatch enthusiasts to find relevant information about the watch through the Swatch Yearbook.

Method one look at the dial

Each genuine Swatch is on the outermost circle of the dial, sometimes just below the bottom and sometimes at the bottom left. There are several small printed English words “SWATCH AG XXXX (four-digit year)”. This four-digit year indicates the year of the Swatch design. This will make it easy for Swatch enthusiasts to find relevant information about the watch through the Swatch Yearbook.

Method two to see the small ticket

The model of the Swatch watch is usually engraved on the back cover and certificate. If you can’t find it, you can see if there is any written on the sales slip. The general counters are identified by the warranty card. The warranty card has the chapter and model of the counter, the date of the day’s sale, and the customer’s name. If there is nothing, a blank one is considered a fake.

Method 3 the most accurate warranty card

The product number of the Swatch (Chinese name: Swatch) watch is found on the policy (warranty card) at the time of purchase and the price tag on the box. There may be a price next to the box. There must be a warranty card on the date. Model, you can also know its Chinese name when you find the model.

How To Remove The Strap From The Dw Watch?

DW watch is a brand that many fashion people pay attention to now. If you buy a DW watch, do you know how to remove the strap from DW watch? Let me share the DW watch change strap method for you, I hope it will be useful to you.

DW watch changing strap method

First of all, we need a tool to remove the strap. This stuff has two heads, one with a concave shape for unloading the ear and the other with a pointed tip for clearing the strap hole.

If there is no tool, in fact, the flat-nose screwdriver and the toothpick can also replace popular science. The stick-shaped thing on the surface is called the raw ear, which is the axis above the belt. There are springs at both ends for us to put in

Then remove the old strap. Use a concave end of the tool to catch the small protrusion at one end of the ear, then press down to compress the spring, so that the ear becomes shorter, we can remove it.

Then you can install the new strap. First, open the strap and install the new one.

Put on the ear, press on the side of the ear, and put the ear on the hole in the watch, so that is complete.

DW watch correct maintenance method

1. Gently wipe off the dirt and perspiration on the case with a soft cloth or silk.

2. The watch is the most violently vibrating. When playing or hitting a hand, it is best to take it off, otherwise, it will have a great impact on the life of the watch.

3. The watch is also afraid of watering. Therefore, it is best to take off your watch when washing clothes, washing your hands or doing other work in contact with water.

4. Please do not touch the watch with magnetic objects such as radio and TV, so as not to affect the accuracy.

What Is The Grade Of Bunton Watches?

Originally produced in Switzerland, Bunton watches were later produced and operated by the domestic Guangzhou Bunton Watch Co., Ltd., with the aim of creating a perfect watch for urban elite white-collar workers. Therefore, Bunton Watch became a niche brand in China, and the official brand website of Bunton Watch was officially launched, and it is committed to building the first watch brand of e-commerce in China. Many friends don’t know enough about Bunton watches. They mistakenly think that Bunton watches are unknown watch brands. In fact, Bunton watches have always been favored and welcomed by people. Let me introduce the brand of Bunton watches.

1, the classic style of Bunton watches

There are many styles of Bunton watches, and different styles have different functions. The famous Bunton watch has the Carliss Bunton watch. Its movement is composed of Swiss ETA25 drill 2524, 28342671 automatic movements. It has a case made of 316L stainless steel. In addition, the strap style is all-steel style with 5 microns plated full gold and gold style. The appearance also has a CNC-set bezel and a high-hardness wear-resistant sapphire watch mirror; Lai tungsten steel This Bunton watch, its movement consists of Swiss ETA785, 753, 1032, 8121-2202 ultra-thin quartz movement, with a full tungsten-titanium alloy high-hardness process case strap, in addition to the strap style It is a 5 micron plated full gold, gold, rose gold, grape red style with a CNC-set bezel.

2, the price of Bunton watches

Bunton watches have always been positioned as close to the people, niche brands, so the price of Bunton watches relative to other brand-name watches, the price is very cheap, the price is also ok. According to Xiaobian’s understanding, the price of a general Bunton watch is about 200, about 400, and about 1000. If you want to know the price of a specific Bunton watch, you can check it out on the official website of Bunton Watch.

The price of Bunton watches is close to the people, and the price/performance ratio is relatively high. If you want to start a better watch at a cheaper price, you can consider the Bunton watch.