Is the watch protective film torn?

Newly bought watches usually have a protective film on them. Many people don’t know whether this film should be torn when they are worn, especially the north face of the watch. It is easy to be scratched when you tear it off.

Is the watch protective film torn?

The watch protector needs to be torn off.

1. The watch protective film is used for scratching or rusting when the product is inspected and passed to the sales and circulation link, which affects sales;

2. The user does not tear off the protective film of the watch when using it. The protective film is easily scratched and the time cannot be clearly observed.

Why should the watch protective film be torn off?

Newly bought watches should be peeled off the protective film on the back cover, otherwise, the sweat will remain in the middle of the corrosion cover.

The case and strap need to be cleaned frequently and can be washed and dried with warm water. Sweat, dirt, etc. can corrode the appearance of the watch and can cause skin irritation to individuals. The watch should avoid contact with various chemicals. Once it is touched, it should be cleaned in time to avoid discoloration, shedding or other loss of the coating. So be sure to tear it off!

High replica male watch price

It is often the case that the high replica male watches of small manufacturers are cheaper. The reason why they have a great reduction in the price of watches is that there are many reasons. The first is that it will have its own production strength in production, and the production strength also needs to make the corresponding investment. If the production strength is insufficient, the production cost of the watch will be reduced, precisely because they are in production. There is a lack of this aspect of the game, so the price of the watch will be reduced.

However, under the production strength, it will make the quality of its own watch decline during the use process. One will make it not have a good appearance during use, and it has no good stability. Small manufacturers do not have a good reputation for production. When they have no credibility, they will cut corners in production, or lower the standard. Naturally, the price of high replica watches will be reduced, but it is There is no corresponding quality advantage during use.

At the same time, small manufacturers will not use high-quality movements in production, which will make the price of the watch greatly reduced, but it will make it difficult to have a good quality advantage in the course of use. This watch has a good quality advantage in production so that it will have a good quality advantage in the use of the watch so that users will have a good satisfaction.

Introduction to the kinetic energy watch

What is a kinetic energy watch? do you know? Will it be broken soon? It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand it. Let’s popularize it for you.

What is a light kinetic energy meter?

The kinetic energy meter is a new type of watch that is likely to become the mainstream watch of the 21st century. It is also called a solar watch. As long as the surface of the watch is in contact with light, it can be powered. Even in places where there is no light, it can move for a while.

What should I do if the watch is stopped?

Although the kinetic energy meter does not need to change the battery, it may not be recharged because it is placed in a dark place for too long, and the energy in the rechargeable battery is exhausted. First, you have to charge your hand with light energy, and then turn the watch to the right time.

Can fluorescent lights be charged?

Yes, the watch’s dial can only be charged if it is exposed to light.

Is charging time-related to seasonal changes?

We all know that the intensity of sunshine in summer is stronger than that in winter, so the kinetic energy meter is charged in the summer for a shorter time than in winter, so every friend should pay attention to completely expose it to the sun when charging the light meter in winter.

How long does the kinetic energy watch last?

The battery life can reach 20 years or more under proper maintenance and proper utilization of the kinetic energy watch.

Need regular maintenance?

Many friends think that the kinetic energy watch does not need to change the battery. Does it not need regular maintenance? Actually not, any watch should be inspected and maintained every 2-3 years.

Business men’s standard items, do you have them?

Businessmen usually advertise the style of maturity and charm, but also show their unique atmosphere and charm. Usually, they want to show their high-end style, so you usually choose the right standard single in fashion matching. Products, the following standard items are absolutely indispensable.

1, big wallet

Big wallets or backpacks with more fashionable styles, these are the items that businessmen must carry. The size and size of the wallet should match the style of their own temperament, as well as handbags or backpacks. Colors and styles will highlight your taste and charm in the workplace.

2, high-end watchesHigh-end big-name watches are absolutely indispensable for businessmen. With different clothing and different occasions, the style and brand of the watch are different. The price of high-end watches is very expensive, but with The wearing enjoyment and experience is also higher-end, so it is really worth buying a single item.

3, fashion accessories

Sunglasses or bow ties and cufflinks and other fashion gadgets, this is also a standard item for high-end businessmen, with a variety of clothing appear on different occasions, the whole person’s style temperament charm will have different effects, but also better display The usual quality of life, which will also have a good effect on the promotion of personal gas field. 

The above is the standard item for businessmen in their daily life and work. Do you have it? Don’t underestimate these standard items, this will instantly enhance your temperament in the workplace, and also show your own personal atmosphere in the business environment, naturally, it will better promote others’ attention to themselves.

The world’s smallest mechanical planetarium, the wrist of the solar system – Christiaan van der Klaauw Planetarium

Christiaan van der Klaauw will be included in the history of the watch industry because the brand created the world’s smallest mechanical celestial mechanism and integrated it into the miniature stage provided by the watch. This work, the 40mm CVDK Planetarium, depicts the orbital model of the planets of Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn as they orbit the sun. The CVDK Planetarium, which was first introduced in 1999, is a mechanical creation that combines watches with astronomy. It is also known as a “part” beautiful porwatch art while showing complex and exquisite craftsmanship. In addition to the highly accurate planetary operation mechanism, this Planetarium watch also has the function of the annual calendar display.

Intimately, in order to take care of the Ma Daha who easily forget to wind the watch, the Planetarium also comes with a Swiss Kubik power meter box to ensure that the synchronization of astronomical complex functions is not delayed. The brand is equipped with a black leather strap with a folding clasp made of stainless steel and engraved with the brand logo. The CVDK Planetarium is priced at 40,500 euros. For more details, please visit the official website of Christiaan van der Klaauw.

Four needles and one line – Chronoswiss Flying Grand Regulator Skeleton

Some watch brands can be easily identified at a glance. Panerai, Richard Miller, and Henry Moss are all, and Chronoswiss, with its knurled case, large onion crown, and the iconic three-needle and one-line design, also successfully entered the Type lineup. Since 1987, Chronoswiss has been highly respected for the normative concept and has built a distinctive brand image around it. Since the introduction of some of the normative pointers recently, including the Flying Regulator Open Gear and the Flying Regulator Night and Day watch, this 35-year-old young watchmaker has brought a new limited-edition Flying Grand Regulator. Skeleton stainless steel watch. Its dial has been further refined, leaving only the necessary parts, thus providing a nearly unobstructed viewing angle for the skeleton movement. This watch should be said to be the ultimate addition to the brand’s most cutting-edge and modern style.

The Chronoswiss Flying Grand Regulator Skeleton is only limited to 30 pieces, which is priced at 8,700 Swiss francs. For more details, please click to visit the official website of Chronoswiss.

Watch Waterproof Apron Manufacturing

The waterproof ring acts to seal the inside of the watch because its cross-section is mostly round, hence the name: O-RING/O. It is widely used in watches. Don’t think that the waterproof ring is a simple thing, it is not simple.

First of all, we need to make a waterproof ring mold. Now we will use a modern digital machining center (CNC), especially some odd-shaped shaped waterproof ring. It is watching to use CNC to help mold.

The other is the flatness and mold shape of the flat-boring machine milling machine. This machine is part of the necessary machinery for the mold.

Raw materials need to be mixed with raw materials before using a special mixer. The raw materials are mixed and heated by a mixer to achieve a soft dough.

It is taken out and placed in a cutting machine and rolled out by thickness rolling, and then cut into several sizes that conform to the production.

It will be cut into several sizes through the cutting machine and put into the molding machine. The function of the molding machine is: the clamping force of the vulcanization molding machine for various rubber products is 200 tons to 250 tons. The set values ​​of the molding parameters (pressure, time, temperature) are quite swatch with the actual values, ensuring swatch product quality. Adjuswatch slow clamping function to adapt to different types of molding conditions

The pressed prototype needs to be subjected to a secondary vulcanization treatment, which is a process in which the glue is heated or heated at a high temperature to cause the glue layer to change from a linear molecule to a network structure under the action of a promoter. According to the heating form, it is divided into steam heating vulcanization, hot water heating vulcanization, and room temperature vulcanization. Among them, steam heating vulcanization is divided into direct heating (bulk heating) vulcanization and indirect heating vulcanization.

The eddy current grinding and polishing machine performs the surface polishing treatment of the material body to achieve gloss.

The polished material will still have some draping. At this time, the frozen trimming machine is needed. It is a kind of ultra-low temperature using liquid nitrogen to make the flash of the rubber and plastic products quickly embrittlement, and in this state, The frozen particles sprayed at a high speed impinge on the flash (diffuse) of the product, thereby achieving the high-quality and high-efficiency removal of the burrs of the rubber product (the crease) and keeping the physical properties of the rubber and plastic products themselves unchanged. Special trimming equipment. It can greatly improve the trimming precision of rubber and plastic products and has a high degree of intensification. At present, this kind of equipment has become an indispensable downstream trimming processing equipment for precision rubber and plastic products enterprises in developed countries.

After the above polishing and trimming, at this time the piece of material goes to the picking workshop for picking.

In fact, the waterproof ring is separated from the trim. Generally, the waterproof ring mold has several sizes at the same time. The main purpose is to save time and material time.

After the excavation is completed, go to the sorting workshop and the inspection department. Sorting requires sorting the waterproof rings of different scales and checking whether there are problems such as damage, collapse, cracking and breaking.

The small waterproof ring needs to be sorted and inspected by means of a microscope, such as a small-sized waterproof ring for the watch and the system.

The waterproof ring is also manufactured in a series of tests, which will be pressed against the sample (or test piece) using a Shore hardness tester until the bottom of the hardness tester is in full contact with the sample, and the pointer is displayed. The scale is the hardness value of the sample (test piece). In order to stabilize the measurement conditions and improve the measurement accuracy, the metering device should be measured on the same type of measuring frame that is produced. For each measurement, three points should be selected at different positions, and the average value should be taken.

At the same time, the density specific gravity test of the material is also required. In physics, the mass per unit volume of a substance is called the density of the substance. Symbol ρ. The international main unit is kilograms/meter^3, and the common units are gram/cm^3. Its mathematical expression is ρ=m/V. In the International System of Units, the main unit of mass in kilograms, and the main unit of volume in cubic meters, so the mass of 1 cubic meter of material is taken as the density of matter. For non-uniform substances, it is called “average density”. The density tester is primarily used in an instrument that assists the laboratory in density measurement.

The size of the waterproof ring is of course not the same as that of the caliper. It is measured by the projection device, and the electronic ruler is qualified after the measurement.

At the same time, it must be subjected to compression deformation aging test, compression deformation aging test, low-temperature brittleness test, and other rigorous tests to meet the receiving standard of the watch waterproof ring.

An ordinary watch waterproof ring needs to pass the above rigorous testing tests, and finally, become a qualified product delivery watch factory production.

How Bright Your Watch Is Determined By …

In the dark night, how do people look at the time? I believe many people’s answer is: buy a luminous watch and you’re done. But which kind of luminous watches are better, there are different advantages and disadvantages of different luminous materials, many people may not be very clear, and sometimes even invisible damage to health. Today, we will give you a popular science, how the watch shines; when we buy a watch, how should we choose?

First of all, we must clarify the principle of light. Whether it is fluorescent lamps, televisions or watches, the principle is the same: we can see the light because there are photons that enter our eyes when these photons vibrate at specific wavelengths. The colors we see will be different.


Light-emitting diodes are one of the best lighting materials, which is what we usually call LEDs. It works by passing a current through a semiconductor, causing electrons to move, releasing photons.

The old-fashioned electronic watch of the 1970s

The main application of this technology is the electronic watch. For example, the classic Casio F-91W, which uses indium gallium nitride in semiconductors, so its LED backlight is green. Low cost, lightweight and strong applicability make it one of the military’s favorites.

However, unlike many people’s stereotypes, LEDs are not only used in electronic watches, but also in some unique mechanical watches. For example, HYT, the top Swiss independent watch brand that likes to do things, has made a full-mechanical watch H4 Alinghi equipped with LED lighting technology. At the 6 o’clock position of the watch, two light-emitting diodes are buried, and when energized, white light is emitted to illuminate the entire dial. Seeing this, many people may ask, since it is powered by electricity, how can it be fully mechanical? This is the ingenuity of H4 Alinghi, which uses the generator-type principle to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy by rotating the crown at 4 o’clock and then pressing the crown to illuminate the LED light without any battery. Each rotation of the crown gives 5 seconds of illumination. The design is amazing and amazing.


But LED has a disadvantage because its light is emitted by the small light bulb in the corner of the dial, so the brightness is inevitably not even enough. In order to solve this problem, people began to replace it with electroluminescence. Electroluminescence (English electroluminescent), also known as electric field illumination, referred to as EL, is simply the use of luminescent materials to produce light under the action of an electric field, converting electrical energy into light energy. Indiglo, the exclusive lighting technology of Tianmei, applies this principle.

Nowadays, many digital electronic watches have begun to replace LEDs with EL for aesthetics and legibility. For example, Casio’s F-105W has a film underneath its dial, which is composed of a back electrode layer, an insulating layer, a light-emitting layer, and a transparent electrode layer. When the current passes, the phosphor inside is stimulated, thereby uniformly emitting Light.

Light-storing fluorescent material

There are two types of fluorescent materials: light storage type and self-luminous type. Unlike LEDs and ELs that require human power, they can automatically illuminate. Let’s first look at the mode of the light storage type.

The light-storing fluorescent material can absorb the external light energy (and some non-visible light can also absorb, such as UV or IR), so that the internal electrons become “active”; when the external light source disappears, the material will begin to slowly Attenuation, the internal electrons gradually return to a “swatch” state. During this time, the stored energy is released in the form of photons of a specific wavelength, that is, illuminating. The more commonly used light-storing fluorescent materials are zinc sulfide and barium aluminate, which vary in length from a few minutes to several hours depending on the quality.

For example, Rolex’s chroma light luminous application is based on this principle. As mentioned above, in the process of returning the electron from the “active” state to the “swatch” state, photons of a specific wavelength are emitted. At the beginning of the article, we have explained that the difference in wavelength determines the color. Rolex takes advantage of this by adding various catalysts to the material to control the wavelength of the photon, so that what color is desired. For example, if you want green, add a little copper as a catalyst so that the wavelength is controlled at 535 nm. If you want a fascinating chroma light blue, add a bit of 铕 so that the wavelength of the photon becomes 490nm.

Self-luminous fluorescent material

However, it should be noted that the light-storing type fluorescent material has a disadvantage that the light-emitting time is not long enough, and as the material ages, its brightness will be further attenuated in time. Even a good brand like Rolex can only improve and cannot completely avoid this problem. In contrast, self-luminous fluorescent materials do not have such problems. The difference between them and light-storing fluorescent materials is the addition of radioactive materials. As the radioactive elements decay, the surrounding electrons continue to be “active.” “The state changes to a “swatch” state and photons are released during this process. Since the radioactive material does not stop decay, the luminescence duration is well ensured.

About a century ago, people used radium as radioactive material. Radium and all its isotopes are highly radioactive and can self-illuminate without the need for further phosphors. But as people realize the dangers of radium to health, this material is gradually being abandoned, replaced by cockroaches. Niobium is an isotope of hydrogen, has excellent luminescence properties, and is much less harmful to the human body than radium, so it is widely welcomed by everyone. However, although it does not cause harm to the wearer, it is not the case for workers who apply luminescent materials. They are exposed to this material for a long time, and there is no obstruction of the mirror. Health is very bad. positive effect. It is for this reason that cockroaches are no longer so popular.

In order to solve the safety problem of self-luminous fluorescent materials, a device called “squeezing tube” has been created, the main structure of which is filled with helium gas and fluorescent material in a closed glass tube. The higher the pressure applied when filling the helium, the higher the energy that activates the fluorescent material and the greater the brightness of the emitted light. With this device, the radiation of the crucible is effectively isolated, and the illumination duration is also guaranteed, which is a better compromise under the existing conditions.

The luminescent materials of the watch are roughly the ones described above. So far, it seems impossible to find a perfect material, you can choose according to your own needs. In any case, these various kinds of light are always very convenient for our lives.

Which kind of luminous watch would you choose?

Which Country‘s Watch Is Cheap To Buy?

Nowadays, many people like to buy watches abroad, which is much cheaper than domestic ones. Because of the tax and fee factors, domestic watches will be more expensive, but there are so many countries, which country is the cheapest?

Which country is the watch cheap to buy?

1. Germany, Nordic countries

Advantages: non-popular tourist countries, so discounts, tax rebates, and euro exchange rates will be reduced in shops.

Disadvantages: high travel costs

Exchange rate: 1 euro dialogue about 6.7 yuan.

Tax rebates: 12% in Germany, 19% in Denmark and Norway. Sweden’s highest tax rebate rate of 17.5%

2. France, Italy, Spain

Advantages: the euro exchange rate declines

Disadvantages: less travel and purchases, fewer discounts in stores, unified price in European stores

Exchange rate: 1 euro dialogue about 6.7 yuan.

Tax refund: 10%-12%

3. Switzerland

Advantages: more styles and more brands

Disadvantages: low tax rebate, less discount, Swiss franc exchange rate rise

Exchange rate: 1 Swiss franc to 6.3 RMB

Tax refund: 8% or so

How to choose a country to buy a watch

In fact, the most important thing to buy a watch in other countries is the tax rate and discount.

     As the country of origin of watches, Switzerland has naturally become the preferred place to buy for many watch lovers. And buying a watch in Switzerland has one of the biggest advantages, that is, many styles, many styles have been out of stock in other countries because of the popularity, but in Switzerland, it is possible to meet, most people can buy themselves in Switzerland Favorite style. In fact, the Swiss discount is also good, the official tax rebate is 8%, there is a 3% discount on the payment of gold coins, if the eloquence is good enough, you can talk about a 5% discount.

What Kind Of Material Is Good For The Mirror Of The Watch? What Are The Materials Of The Mirror?

The mirror glass of the watch is of many different materials. Many people don’t really care about it when they buy it. Generally, they pay more attention to the movement of the watch. In fact, the material of the mirror surface is also carefully selected for the watch.

The mirror surface of the watch has a common glass mirror surface, which is made of polished glass with flat glass. The surface is smooth and shiny, and the scratch resistance is not easy to crack. Ore crystal mirror, moderate scratch-resistant, easy to break. Sapphire mirror, high-strength scratch-resistant, sapphire hardness, sapphire watch, its shock resistance, sealing, and strength are higher than other materials. Whether it is from a cultural cognition perspective or from the investment direction and scale of the watchmaking industry, the sapphire mirror is still an identifier for top watches in the foreseeable future and remains a factor in the quality of top watches. The only downside is that it is extremely fragile.

What are the materials of the watch mirror?

Sapphire glass: This crystal is very swatched in physical and chemical properties and has a very high hardness. Second, only to diamond, it can easily deal with scratches, abrasion, and erosion. However, the hesitation is too high, the toughness is not good, and it is very afraid of falling. But many high-end watches will use this kind of crystal!

Mineral glass: The surface of this material is characterized by its strong resistance to vertical impact and its excellent wear resistance. This type of mirror is widely used in mid-end watches, and the high-hardness glass is also used in the general military watch.

Synthetic glass: also known as plexiglass, there is also a name called “Alec glass.” The hardness of this material is not very good, it is more likely to scratch. But it is very self-willed and not easy to break. The cost of synthetic grass is very low, and many low-end models generally use this type of mirror.

How to distinguish the mirror material of the watch

First, you can tap the mirror and judge the material of the mirror from the sound. Acrylic mirrors emit a plastic sound, while mineral glass sounds thicker. Judging from the weight point of view, the acrylic mirror is the lightest and the sapphire mirror is the heaviest. In addition, the thermal conductivity of sapphire is very good. Therefore, when you touch it with your hand, there is a sense of coldness. Finally, the sapphire mirror is much smoother than the other two materials, so if you drop a drop of water on the sapphire mirror, the water droplets will not spread easily on the top, and the other materials will scatter.