Is the watch protective film torn?

Newly bought watches usually have a protective film on them. Many people don’t know whether this film should be torn when they are worn, especially the north face of the watch. It is easy to be scratched when you tear it off.

Is the watch protective film torn?

The watch protector needs to be torn off.

1. The watch protective film is used for scratching or rusting when the product is inspected and passed to the sales and circulation link, which affects sales;

2. The user does not tear off the protective film of the watch when using it. The protective film is easily scratched and the time cannot be clearly observed.

Why should the watch protective film be torn off?

Newly bought watches should be peeled off the protective film on the back cover, otherwise, the sweat will remain in the middle of the corrosion cover.

The case and strap need to be cleaned frequently and can be washed and dried with warm water. Sweat, dirt, etc. can corrode the appearance of the watch and can cause skin irritation to individuals. The watch should avoid contact with various chemicals. Once it is touched, it should be cleaned in time to avoid discoloration, shedding or other loss of the coating. So be sure to tear it off!

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