Earl altiplano blue watch

For successful people, watches represent their status, and many people have the habit of collecting watches. Today we are introducing the watch of the Earl altiplano series. Let’s take a look.

How is the Earl altiplano blue watch?

In 2017, it was a very important year for Piaget’s Altiplano collection. This was born in 1957. The ultra-thin revolution promoted by Valentin Piaget has been classic for more than half a century. Appreciated for the mechanical watch industry and the global market. Altiplano’s simple design makes it a long-lasting aesthetic cornerstone. To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the collection, the brand has launched several Altiplano models, using the original Altiplano as the original, capturing time-honored design elements and blending multiple colors and sizes. And the material, no doubt, this year the Altiplano will be even more fascinating.

Piaget Altiplano is named after the towering Andes Mountains, with its endless mountain scenery, perfectly echoing the natural beauty of the watch and a subtle and elegant temperament for the new generation of ultimate aesthetics.

Since the birth of the series, the Altiplano has been equipped with the world’s thinnest manual movement 9P. Three years later, the world’s thinnest automatic movement 12P came out. These two innovations, even today, have only a handful of watches. The factory has the ability to match it. Altiplano is not the most complex of the Earl, but it is the most important. The Piaget’s repeated innovations on the ultra-thin road are the first to be realized on the Altiplano. These include the 900P in 2014.

This Altiplano midnight blue watch is an attempt by the Earl for color art this year. Although the Earl is very skilled in the use of color, in the men’s watch, it has never been too jumping. This year is different, except for midnight blue and dark gray. And the two kinds of pine green, such a “color” watch, is simply a weapon of “Sao Nian”.

The midnight blue watch has a 40 mm diameter and is equipped with an ultra-thin self-winding 1203P movement. Undoubtedly, this is the best dress in the SIHH this year, slim, elegant, individual and full of charm.

Watch Comments: As one of the commemorative watches for the 60th anniversary of the birth of the Piaget ALTIPLANO series, it has a great look and feel, and it has attracted the attention of watch enthusiasts at the exhibition. The medium-sized 38 mm white gold case is polished and polished to give a full, refined texture. The classic Earl Blue dial features a subtle central cross design for a special aesthetic. The scented two-pin design contrasts with the three-dimensional Barton time scale, making the time indication clearer and more intuitive. The simple blue dial blends in with the blue alligator strap, giving it a sophisticated, sophisticated elegance.

Earl altiplano ultra-thin rose gold watch

Altiplano 38mm 900P. The bottom case is also the main plate of the movement, showing the unique skill of the movement and the case. At this year’s Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Salon, Piaget launched the new 18K Piaget Altiplano 900P ultra-thin rose gold watch with the 140th anniversary as the source of creation. The new timepiece has once again beat the slim limit of the watch by the thickness of 3.65 mm. It is one of the outstanding timepieces of the brand with epoch-making significance (official model: G0A42110).

Different from the traditional back-shoulder watches, this watch adopts the “pre-transparent process”, which means that the precision operation of the moving parts can be carefully observed on the dial, which is convenient, intuitive and fast, and saves the need. The trouble of picking the strap. The bridge is chamfered and polished by the sun’s radial matte finish, adding to the glamour of the entire movement. The gears are polished with a radial or annular matte surface. They are equipped with grey screws and a special power correction system. The Piaget “P” logo is matched with the entire white dial and is full of enjoyment.

Balco and Tissot which is better

The Balco watch is a Swiss-born watch created by the highly skilled watchmaker Balco Vladimir. Balco is very strict with the production of his own watches, and he also integrates his understanding of the watch and his skill into design and production. It is a good time for the global economic recovery in the mid-20th century. Many new technologies and concepts challenge the traditional watch industry. The descendants of Balco follow the changes of the times and constantly update the technology and quality. Inject life into the enterprise. A family business has been perfectly passed down.

1. How about Balco watches?

Balco watches have always paid great attention to the production process of watches, and every part and every detail is perfect. With the aim of “smart integration, simple and exquisite”, the perfect design and exquisite craftsmanship are poured into the watch, which stands out in the traditional watch industry. Constantly creating products that contain leading design and elegant, classic design, finally achieved today’s results.

2. How about the Tissot watch ?

Tissot is also a Swiss watch brand, featuring exquisiteness and style. The popularity among modern young people is extremely high. It is now also the largest Swiss watch in the country. Tissot is now part of the world’s largest watch group, Swatch. The configured movement is also produced by the original Swiss ETA. watch friends are no stranger to ETA, because ETA is also the world’s largest movement manufacturer, with more than two hundred years of watchmaking experience. Its movement has a good reputation for its stability and durability, as well as its precise travel time. Tissot uses this movement, which is one of the reasons why so many people choose him.

IWC New Ocean 2000 Automatic Diving Watch Ref. 3580 – Elegant King of Deep Dive!

Although it is still in the cold winter of the North, the warm sunshine island still makes people’s hearts. The turquoise waters and stretches of sandy beaches are the perfect destination for diving. Since the launch of the first marine timepiece in 1967, IWC has become an indispensable member of our timepiece series. These models exude dynamic, dynamic and powerful, and this IWC New Ocean 2000 automatic dive watch Ref. 3580, with its amazing 2000 meters waterproof performance and elegant design, makes it the leader in these models.

IWC New Ocean 2000 Automatic Diving watch Ref. 3580 gives the first impression is big, very big! The diameter is 46 mm, which is the largest diving watch IWC has ever built. Fortunately, the case is made of all-titanium alloy. Thanks to the lightweight nature of titanium, the watch is large in size but does not feel pressed against the wrist.

In addition to the IWC New Ocean 2000 automatic diving watch Ref. 3580 appearance is characterized by a slightly thick hemispherical sapphire crystal. There is no doubt that this stuff feels (perhaps) one of the most expensive parts of the entire watch. The side view mirror is raised a few millimeters above the bezel, which is understandable given the amazing depth of its dive. The large dial is black with a vertical stripe of stripes, a bit like the texture of a teak deck, reminiscent of the fast sailing in the ocean. The dial is simple, the readability is excellent, and the strong green tone of SuperLuminova luminous material is a bit retro.

IWC New Ocean 2000 Automatic Diving Watch Ref. 3580 rubber strap with an extra-long version of the strap to fit the wetsuit. Fortunately, IWC also designed a quick-change mechanism for the strap, which is intuitive and convenient to operate. Simply press the button on the back of the strap to replace it.

Longines Concas mechanical watch error standard

The Longines Concas series is an elegant expression of the elegance of Longines. Made of stainless steel and ceramics, it perfectly reflects the unmatched combination of powerful functions and elegant temperament. Its outstanding technical features meet the requirements of the most discerning sportspeople. However, there are no clocks in the world, and even Longines Concas mechanical watches have errors. So what is the range of the Longines Concas mechanical watch error? Let’s let Shiming Xiaobian tell everyone.

The error of Longines is caused by the gravity of the earth. The gravity accuracy of the gravity is subject to the adjustment of the movement before the factory, the wearing habits of the individual, the change of the surrounding temperature, the quality of the movement, the quality of the oil, etc. The impact of objective conditions. There is no completely accurate mechanical watch in the world. The Longines Concars mechanical watch error can be as good as every second or the error is small. It is actually the result of the positive and negative offsets of different wearing positions in one day.

For the travel time error of the clock, the current line standard specifies the range of the Longines error: the calendar mechanical watch type I (male watch) when the time is short, the range of the error is: -30 to +45 seconds per 24 hours of superior products; 24-hour error -40 ~ +75 seconds; qualified products every 24 hours error -60 ~ +105 seconds. The continuation time is greater than or equal to 36 hours. Automatic mechanical watch type I (male watch) time when the Longines error range is: excellent product every 24 hours error -20 ~ +30 seconds; first-class every 24 hours error -30 ~ +60 seconds; qualified products every 24 hours error -50 to +90 seconds. The continuation time is greater than or equal to 36 hours.

1. It is best to wind your mechanical watch at the same time every day. This practice is very beneficial for internal mechanical devices. If you want to form a regularity, it is recommended that you wake up your love watch every morning after getting up.

2. If you wear an automatic watch every day, the best way to maintain it is to wind up every two weeks to ensure that its gears run smoothly. Gently rotate the crown (it can also adjust the time and date) until you feel the slightest urgency.

  • If you are not wearing an automatic watch every day, you should ensure that the watch is wound at least once every two weeks to ensure the continuous operation of the watch, that is, to ensure the normal operation of the internal mechanical device.

The world’s smallest mechanical planetarium, the wrist of the solar system – Christiaan van der Klaauw Planetarium

Christiaan van der Klaauw will be included in the history of the watch industry because the brand created the world’s smallest mechanical celestial mechanism and integrated it into the miniature stage provided by the watch. This work, the 40mm CVDK Planetarium, depicts the orbital model of the planets of Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn as they orbit the sun. The CVDK Planetarium, which was first introduced in 1999, is a mechanical creation that combines watches with astronomy. It is also known as a “part” beautiful porwatch art while showing complex and exquisite craftsmanship. In addition to the highly accurate planetary operation mechanism, this Planetarium watch also has the function of the annual calendar display.

Intimately, in order to take care of the Ma Daha who easily forget to wind the watch, the Planetarium also comes with a Swiss Kubik power meter box to ensure that the synchronization of astronomical complex functions is not delayed. The brand is equipped with a black leather strap with a folding clasp made of stainless steel and engraved with the brand logo. The CVDK Planetarium is priced at 40,500 euros. For more details, please visit the official website of Christiaan van der Klaauw.

Longines La Grande Classique how to change the battery waterproof ring

The Longines La Grande Classique is the thinnest collection of Longines watches, and its thin and light body is a feature that attracts the attention of watch lovers. The Longines La Grande Classique watch continues to be this quality, which makes the La Grande Classique collection a favorite of many watch lovers, especially for mature men. It is particularly light and easy to wear, it feels like wearing a watch. But the hand does wear a watch. But even if a good watch will have a battery exhausted day, how do you change the battery? Let me introduce you to the following

       1. How to change the battery waterproof ring of Longines La Grande Classique series

Longines La Grande Classique watch battery can be changed to a special repair shop, but the general price is more expensive, so many people choose to buy their own batteries to change. How do you change it yourself?

First of all, the first step is to remember to wash your hands! This is important and cannot be static or dirty.

Then prepare the tools, such as adding the back of the watch, screw the screws on the back of the watch with a screwdriver, then remove the back of the watch, then carefully remove the small battery with a screwdriver, and put the new battery into it with the insulated tweezers. This is to prevent the battery from being short-circuited. If there are no insulated tweezers, use the cleaned hands. Then wipe the back cover of the watch, add waterproof grease to the waterproof ring, and finally close the back cover.

2. How about Longines La Grande Classique mechanical men’s watch?

Longines originally designed the traditional essence of the La Grande Classique series was born in 1992. The La Grande Classique men’s watch is made of stainless steel, and the 4.60 mm ultra-thin case is the most attractive and unique feature of this new timepiece. This iconic result is attributed to the unique case design, with the lugs and bracelets connected to the back of the case, which has been registered as a patent by Longines. The slim and sleek, ultra-thin, streamlined design is filled with extremely elegant temperament. The men’s watch is loaded with a quartz movement with a black crocodile strap with a buckle, or a steel bracelet with a folding safety clasp and a push-on opening device. The bracelet with good flexibility fits perfectly to the wearer’s wrist curve.

The Longines La Grande Classique collection is a symbol of the classic elegance of Longines and is highly sought after by watch lovers from all over the world. The service of Longines La Grande Classique is also very good. If the battery is dead or the waterproof ring is hardened for a long time, it can be taken to the counter for repair. Because of the good after-sales service, Longines La Grande Classique series mechanical watches have been favored by many male consumers. The Longines La Grande Classique collection can be elegantly worn by both men and women.

A lady in the watch A brief review of the Patek Philippe DIAMOND RIBBON high-bead watch

Patek Philippe has always been regarded as a blue-blood aristocrat in the watch industry. It is low-key, but it represents a kind of high-level luxury. Patek Philippe is the dream of many people, including some women. In the traditional impression, women’s watches are often full of tricks, the pursuit of form beauty, while women are not very sensitive to machinery, so mechanical women’s watches are not valued for a long time. In pursuit of the original design of external classic aesthetics, Patek Philippe did not give up the right of women to appreciate the beauty of machinery. Compared with the women’s watches of many brands, Patek Philippe’s women’s watch reveals a sense of high quality worthy of savor.

Patek Philippe’s women’s watches are quite a few, but the women’s watches that are completely arranged in diamonds always look a bit too exaggerated. How to make the diamonds and watches form a perfect fusion, it is interesting to convey the classic aesthetics and highlight the design sense. thing. The DIAMOND RIBBON high-end jewelry watch launched by Patek Philippe gives a wonderful answer. Her beautiful, advanced and extraordinary charm reveals the extravagance and temperament of everyone and is called the celebrity in the watch.

The 33.3 mm gauge, the size of the classic ladies’ watch, is very friendly to women. The case is made of 18K white gold, which is low-key but gives off a brilliant metallic luster. The dial is extremely heavy in design, and the geometric shape gives the watch a unique charm.

DIAMOND RIBBON is a very interesting name, RIBBON is the meaning of the ribbon, this watch is set with a soft ribbon in the shape of a diamond, ingenuity. In addition to the spiral ribbon shape on the front of the case, the side of the case is also a progressive diamond arrangement, so the overall has a strong layering. Of course, this is not easy, because the size of the diamond is strictly required. The ribbon also symbolizes the elegance of women.

The classic Patek Philippe crown and the embossed Calatrahua cross have become a symbol of historical heritage, supreme taste, and top pursuit.

The object is very shiny, but it is difficult to describe her beauty in words. The white mother-of-pearl dial has a spiral texture on the surface, but due to the material, it is difficult to understand the texture of the photo. The gold-plated rhodium-plated Arabic numerals and black-treated gold willow pointers are very simple but very harmonious and very beautiful. Compared with the quaintness of Roman numerals, I always feel that the modernity of Arabic numerals is always more attractive to young people. At 6 o’clock, the moon phase plate is made of sapphire. The moon and stars above are pressed by gold.

The transparent bottom cover can highlight the beauty of the Patek Philippe movement. The watch is equipped with a 215 PS LU manual mechanical movement with a power of 38-44 hours. For modern watches, power is relatively short, especially for women. This movement layout is very classical, with the taste of the old pocket watch movement layout, but with the first-class workmanship and polishing, it shows the exquisiteness and beauty without fear of time.

Patek Philippe DIAMOND RIBBON high-end jewelry watch is simple in design, but elegant in style, no fancy color, no elements to follow the trend, overall is very classic, but everywhere is extraordinary, so high-level design and craft, innocent Patek Philippe. I think that only if you really taste a senior lady, you can understand it. The watch is priced at RMB 405100.

Four needles and one line – Chronoswiss Flying Grand Regulator Skeleton

Some watch brands can be easily identified at a glance. Panerai, Richard Miller, and Henry Moss are all, and Chronoswiss, with its knurled case, large onion crown, and the iconic three-needle and one-line design, also successfully entered the Type lineup. Since 1987, Chronoswiss has been highly respected for the normative concept and has built a distinctive brand image around it. Since the introduction of some of the normative pointers recently, including the Flying Regulator Open Gear and the Flying Regulator Night and Day watch, this 35-year-old young watchmaker has brought a new limited-edition Flying Grand Regulator. Skeleton stainless steel watch. Its dial has been further refined, leaving only the necessary parts, thus providing a nearly unobstructed viewing angle for the skeleton movement. This watch should be said to be the ultimate addition to the brand’s most cutting-edge and modern style.

The Chronoswiss Flying Grand Regulator Skeleton is only limited to 30 pieces, which is priced at 8,700 Swiss francs. For more details, please click to visit the official website of Chronoswiss.

Concord Watch Introduction

The Concord watch factory was founded in 1908 in Biel, Switzerland. Since its inception, its design has always enjoyed a good reputation, and the watches created are extremely harmonious in terms of appearance and function. In fact, Concord is named for this “harmonious” coordination. Concord means “harmony, coordination”.

In 1915, Concord began manufacturing for the famous brands of high-end watches, such as Tiffany & Co. and CARTERI. These watches are extremely luxurious, made of platinum and embellished with diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphires. As a result, Concord is known for its quality watches.

In the 1930s and 1940s, Concord began to pursue slim and compact watches and movements. For decades, with this perseverance, the liver finally succeeded in designing the world’s thinnest watch, Concord Delirium, in 1979. This design has become the focus of global reporting.

This is the world’s first watch with a body thickness of less than 2 mm (1.98 mm). This manufacturing process proves that C0NCORD’s watchmaking technology is unmatched. In just two years, the new Delirium was born again, with a body of only 0.98 mm and a thickness half that of the original Delirium.

In 1992, Concord exhibited “Mariner V Centenario” in the European watch and jewellery exhibition, once again shocking the world. This collection consists of five watches, each with its own unique features and an extremely complex mechanical movement. Shortly before the exhibition, the watch was sold for 3.2 million Swiss francs. The value of these distinctive watches is not only because of its superior materials but also because of its sophisticated structure. These watches have created new standards for the development of watchmaking technology.

In 1995, Concord kicked off Saratoga Exor, a unique watch that combines the art of watchmaking with brilliant gemstones. Exor has a variety of sophisticated features that make it a high-quality watch. In addition, the surface is inlaid with precious platinum and 118 D-class clean diamonds. Since the advent of Saratoga Exor, it has been sold for 2 million Swiss francs.

In 1996, Concord celebrated the 10th anniversary of Saratoga with the launch of the Saratoga SL (Sports Luxury) collection, which interprets the original Saratoga design in a modern style.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, Concord became the maker of clock design. It was also the heyday of the famous Concord alarm clock. In fact, this was the first porwatch clockwork to travel for eight days. This travel clock was familiar to everyone in the past. Therefore, President Truman also used the Concord alarm clock as a gift to the heads of state of the Potsdam Peace Conference. One of the alarm clocks has become a private collection of President Truman and is now being stored in the Truman Independent Library in Missouri.

At the same time, Concord’s design has become a model for modern watches. Concord creates gold and stainless steel watches for its vast market, including the US Army and the US Navy. The fine jewellery watch manufacturers are eager for the movements of Concord watches and later became the main supplier of premium watch movements.

After the end of World War II, Concord created a new medallion watch and uncovering watch. Its high-quality watch has written a glorious page in history. In the 1950s, Concord estimated that the style of the watch would be as important as its function. Therefore, the bracelet watch was specially designed, and today it has become a collector’s treasure.

The Concord watch, which has always been known for its temperament and taste, has left a lot of historical notes for centuries. In 1979, Concord developed the world’s slimmest watch, the Delirium ultra-thin series, which shines on the watch. This year, in 2007, is definitely a new year for Concord. To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the 2008 Concord watch brand, the new “C1” series was launched. The “C1” series is derived from “Concord 1” and “Concept 1”. The ultra-thick sapphire crystal glass has a change of light and shadow. The original ear structure is a skin-reinforcing muscle. The large and thick case design is To declare the brand’s transformation with “The Watch. Reconstructed.” The combination of 53 detachable parts is composed of five elements modern/technical/surprise/radical/daring innovation.

The world ranking of Concord watches is relatively high, and Concord’s design has become a model for modern watches. Concord creates gold and stainless steel watches for its vast market, including the US Army and the US Navy. The fine jewellery watch manufacturers are eager for the movements of Concord watches and later became the main supplier of premium watch movements. Concord watches range in price from 10,000 to more than 2 million. The high-priced Concord watch is mostly due to the use of precious metals and diamonds.Therefore, the high-priced Concord watch has a good collection value.

Men must have a “big three needle” Appreciation of the Blancpain Villeret watch

The Blancpain brand was founded in 1735 by Jehan-Jacques Blancpain. Its Villeret collection is named after the brand’s birthplace. It is the most classic series in the brand. Each watch in the collection contains endless treasure watches. Deeply, it draws valuable experience from the long history of the brand, creating a wristband for modern gentlemen. Let’s take a look at a classic Blancpain three-handed watch. (Watch model: 6630-1531-55B)

The watch is made of 18K white gold, creating a bright and moist beauty that is unique to metal quality, while the bezel features Blancpain’s signature double bezel design, continuing the most classic elemental design of the Villeret collection, 42 mm watch The size of the track adapts to the needs of contemporary men’s wrists, and it is matched with the exquisite suits, which can reflect the noble temperament of men.

The side lugs are also made of 18K white gold. The body is decorated with a non-slip texture to ensure the accurate timing of the watch. The top is engraved with the unique “JB” logo on the top, giving the watch exclusive attributes.

The white dial is made of Da Ming Huo craftsmanship. The overall white and transparent design gives a clean and elegant color tone. This kind of firing process is very complicated. In production, it is necessary to apply multiple layers of color on the same raft. After each layer is applied, it is fired and reinforced with a high temperature of more than 1000 °C, and the digital enamel coloring also undergoes the same high-temperature fire baptism. After repeated iterations, this pure and flawless dial is obtained. The details are carefully designed by the watchmakers.

The retro and elegant black Roman numerals highlight the most classic logo of the Blancpain Villeret series. The date display window is set at 3 o’clock, the hollow pointer is placed in the middle, and the “JB” logo of the Blancpain brand is designed at the end of the second hand. It is chic and fresh.

The watch is equipped with a black alligator strap. To ensure the durability of the strap, the lining is set in Alzavel calf leather with a folding clasp in 18K white gold.

 The watch has a back-to-back design and the sapphire glass under the cover reveals the subtle movement of the movement. The interior of the watch is equipped with a Blancpain 1335 self-winding mechanical movement, each of which has been carefully ground to provide an exceptionally long power reserve of 192 hours.

Summary: Extremely simple appearance, superb technical performance manufacturing, complex and detailed material design, combined with each other to show Blancpain’s most classic big three-needle watch, handed down classic. Interested friends may wish to pay more attention to it.