Is the watch protective film torn?

Newly bought watches usually have a protective film on them. Many people don’t know whether this film should be torn when they are worn, especially the north face of the watch. It is easy to be scratched when you tear it off.

Is the watch protective film torn?

The watch protector needs to be torn off.

1. The watch protective film is used for scratching or rusting when the product is inspected and passed to the sales and circulation link, which affects sales;

2. The user does not tear off the protective film of the watch when using it. The protective film is easily scratched and the time cannot be clearly observed.

Why should the watch protective film be torn off?

Newly bought watches should be peeled off the protective film on the back cover, otherwise, the sweat will remain in the middle of the corrosion cover.

The case and strap need to be cleaned frequently and can be washed and dried with warm water. Sweat, dirt, etc. can corrode the appearance of the watch and can cause skin irritation to individuals. The watch should avoid contact with various chemicals. Once it is touched, it should be cleaned in time to avoid discoloration, shedding or other loss of the coating. So be sure to tear it off!

Introduction to the kinetic energy watch

What is a kinetic energy watch? do you know? Will it be broken soon? It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand it. Let’s popularize it for you.

What is a light kinetic energy meter?

The kinetic energy meter is a new type of watch that is likely to become the mainstream watch of the 21st century. It is also called a solar watch. As long as the surface of the watch is in contact with light, it can be powered. Even in places where there is no light, it can move for a while.

What should I do if the watch is stopped?

Although the kinetic energy meter does not need to change the battery, it may not be recharged because it is placed in a dark place for too long, and the energy in the rechargeable battery is exhausted. First, you have to charge your hand with light energy, and then turn the watch to the right time.

Can fluorescent lights be charged?

Yes, the watch’s dial can only be charged if it is exposed to light.

Is charging time-related to seasonal changes?

We all know that the intensity of sunshine in summer is stronger than that in winter, so the kinetic energy meter is charged in the summer for a shorter time than in winter, so every friend should pay attention to completely expose it to the sun when charging the light meter in winter.

How long does the kinetic energy watch last?

The battery life can reach 20 years or more under proper maintenance and proper utilization of the kinetic energy watch.

Need regular maintenance?

Many friends think that the kinetic energy watch does not need to change the battery. Does it not need regular maintenance? Actually not, any watch should be inspected and maintained every 2-3 years.

Business men’s standard items, do you have them?

Businessmen usually advertise the style of maturity and charm, but also show their unique atmosphere and charm. Usually, they want to show their high-end style, so you usually choose the right standard single in fashion matching. Products, the following standard items are absolutely indispensable.

1, big wallet

Big wallets or backpacks with more fashionable styles, these are the items that businessmen must carry. The size and size of the wallet should match the style of their own temperament, as well as handbags or backpacks. Colors and styles will highlight your taste and charm in the workplace.

2, high-end watchesHigh-end big-name watches are absolutely indispensable for businessmen. With different clothing and different occasions, the style and brand of the watch are different. The price of high-end watches is very expensive, but with The wearing enjoyment and experience is also higher-end, so it is really worth buying a single item.

3, fashion accessories

Sunglasses or bow ties and cufflinks and other fashion gadgets, this is also a standard item for high-end businessmen, with a variety of clothing appear on different occasions, the whole person’s style temperament charm will have different effects, but also better display The usual quality of life, which will also have a good effect on the promotion of personal gas field. 

The above is the standard item for businessmen in their daily life and work. Do you have it? Don’t underestimate these standard items, this will instantly enhance your temperament in the workplace, and also show your own personal atmosphere in the business environment, naturally, it will better promote others’ attention to themselves.