What is the meaning of the back of the watch?

The back of the watch is a very professional term in the watch. Many people still don’t know what it means. When choosing, they are also very entangled with the difference between the back and the back. Today, we will organize it for everyone!

Today’s watches are popular at the bottom of the watch (usually called “back through”). The back cover is the cover on the back of the watch is transparent, you can see the movement of the watch. Can directly see the movement of the movement, the general small problems can also be seen, such as rust, structural failures. However, many people say that a watch that is worn back is easy to enter and not waterproof. In fact, the degree of sealing that each watch has made is not necessarily the vacuum state of the finished watch. Even a very expensive watch, a multi-precision watch, will have a little bit of a loophole. Back-to-back watches also have its benefits. Many people like to look through the watch because it allows you to see the mechanical parts inside it at a glance. In the past, there was only one watch glass. When the watch was made through the bottom cover, it became two top and bottom watch glasses. The purpose of the watch that is undoubtedly the bottom is to let us watch the watch movement.

Back through the watch is good or not good

The back-opening watch is transparent behind the watch and you can see the back movement. With the rapid development of society, watches are also constantly innovating, hollowed out, diamond-studded, gemstones, big three needles, small three needles and so on. Although you can’t see the movement of the movement without looking through the watch, it is better than not to look back at the watch in some respects. For example, the waterproof performance of the watch, the sealing performance without backing is higher than that of the back. The anti-magnetic aspect of the watch is weaker than the one that is not worn.

The back of the watch can see the movement of the movement. If the movement has some small defects, rust, structural failures, etc., it can be quickly observed and easy to maintain, and the back-to-back watch can be more easily distinguished. In terms of health, the back-slip watch is friendly, because the back-performed watch glass basically uses a synthetic sapphire glass mirror, which can greatly reduce the nickel-metal seepage in the stainless steel from the contact with the human wrist skin. To reduce possible allergic effects on human skin.

Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the back of the watch

Advantages of the back-through watch:

In addition to the excellent manufacturing process inside the movement, the watch can also directly observe the daily operation of the movement. Some small problems can be quickly observed, such as rust, structural failure, etc., which is convenient for maintenance, and Back-to-back watches make it easier, to tell the truth.

Disadvantages of the back watch:

There is also a shortage of back-slip watches, which are not comparable to steel covers in terms of water resistance, anti-magnetic properties, and robustness.

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