Breguet’s Hand-series Tradition 7038 Ladies Watch – Traditional And Ancient Reinterpretation!

It is mentioned that Breguet will naturally think of many traditional Breguet styles, such as coin-shaped case, welded lugs, hollow hands, and guilloché dials. The genius Mr. Bao Wei has provided countless design inspirations for countless watch designers. In fact, Mr. Bao Wei brought us more surprises than this. For example, today, this Breguet series Tradition 7038 ladies watch is like an early one. In the mid-1790s during the French Revolution, Mr. Breguet was honored by a Souscription watch in exile in Switzerland.

The Breguet series Tradition 7038 ladies watch dial design is the same as the 7097, 12 o’clock is the time dial, the hour and minute hands are naturally the traditional Breguet style, the barrel is placed in the middle of the dial, direct-drive time display, followed by The entire wheel train is lined up from an arc of 8 to 4 o’clock, and the entire gear train is in front of your eyes, constantly turning. The clockwork wheel is passed to the left-center/second wheel and then to the lower third wheel and the lower center of the fourth wheel (60 seconds one turn). Finally passed to the escape wheel on the right side, the pallet fork and the balance wheel. The 10 o’clock position is a retrograde second hand, and the length is significantly reduced relative to 7097.

The Breguet series Tradition 7038 ladies’ watch is equipped with Cal.505SR, which is clearly visible through the sapphire crystal bottom cover of the watch. This movement was also installed in the 40-meter 7097 men’s watch. Now the automatic turning machine also decorates the same sunflower machine with the dial. The back of the movement can enjoy the second-hand retrograde mechanism—the conventional movement layout It is generally hidden and hard to see.