Recommended: Three Good Diving Watches

Over the years, the heat of diving watches has become more and higher, and the sporty and leisurely attributes attract many watch friends. Whenever you mention a diving watch, it seems that there are always only a few brands in your mind Without exception, these popular familiar brands have higher prices, and there is always some distance for ordinary watch friends. sense. In this case, many brands are targeting the market for affordable diving watches, so that even if the budget is limited, they will still be able to make a “diving dream.”

We are already talking too much about well-known affordable brands like Seiko. I believe everyone is a bit tired. Today, we will introduce a few relatively unpopular brands. Although their diving watches are not very famous, they are still worthy of attention.

Christopher Ward

Christopher Ward is a niche brand from the UK. They are very self-aware, knowing that their technical background is insufficient, only responsible for watch design, the specific production and assembly are all outsourced to Swiss manufacturers, so the quality is guaranteed.

The models under this brand are quite full, with formal suits, pilots, and diving watches. The most famous ones are the C60 Trident diving watch. Their diving watch is marked by a trident, with this element on the back and the second hand. The inspiration is said to come from the trident of Poseidon’s weapon, which is very much in line with the theme of diving.

In terms of appearance, its biggest feature is the colorful dial, which can be selected in a variety of colors, including orange, yellow and other rare bright colors. 316L stainless steel case, sapphire crystal mirror, heart-shaped decoration on the hour hand is very eye-catching.

As mentioned at the beginning, its parts manufacturing and assembly are all outsourced, so the movement is dominated by ETA and Sellita. The calendar type watch is ETA 2836, and the calendar type is SW200-1. Waterproof to reach 600 meters. The overall quality is quite high. The average price is around RMB 6,000.


Unlike the previous two young brands, Herbert is a brand with real watchmaking. It was established in France in 1947 on the French-Swiss border. It belongs to the traditional watchmaking family. The technology accumulation and after-sales system are far from comparable to the average unpopular brand. However, the time to enter the Chinese market is too short, so the popularity is not high enough.

Brand founder Michel Herbelin

In foreign countries, in fact, Herbert is not a niche. In the birthplace of France, the market share reached 30%. It also won the national sales crown, and the President’s wife also got started. They are mainly French elegance, and the models with too strong sports are rare. But some of the recent diving watches are very good.

Take this Trophy series of land diving watches as an example. The steel case bezel, sprayed with metal copper on the dial, produces a patchwork effect and has a texture of the land rock. And because electroplating paints exhibit different dial patterns, each watch is ultimately unique. In the shape of the “small surface” of the cheap diving watch market, such a design is quite recognizable, and it can be seen that the brand is designed to be at heart.

The movement is equipped with the SW200-1 movement, which is considered to be a combination of more than 5,000. And it may be due to the brand tonality (French elegance), this watch looks rough, and it is quite elegant and elegant.