DW watch identification method

Daniel Wellington (DW) is a world-famous watch brand. Its unique British retro style is loved by many people. At the same time, it also makes many replica watches appear. So what are the methods for identifying DW watches?

For the identification of DW watches, we need to judge from the production process and movement accessories.

Dw watch identification method

1. According to the relevant information, the full name of the DW watch is Daniel Wellington AB, the name used on the dial is Daniel Wellington, the LOGO is DW, and the D on the LOGO is the reverse.

2, the nylon strap is very convenient to change, especially the nylon strap, even the raw ear does not need to fold.

3, Daniel Wellington watch’s official brand is in Sweden, I believe that users who have purchased have learned about this.

4. The movement of the DW watch is a Japanese movement.

5. The packaging box for the watch is also the craft of our Pearl River Delta in Greater China.

6, practically speaking, DW watches are fashion watches, representing the individual temperament style, look at the time. This is also the beginning of its positioning, so the design is very simple, stylish and generous, we can refer to the pictures for these points.

7, the price, the price of Daniel Wellington watches is relatively common between 1100-1400, the quality in this price of the quartz watch is considered the upper middle level.

8. The watch list of the watch is definitely assembled in Sweden so that the import is the finished product.

DW watch is an electronic watch, daily waterproof 30 meters, the dial has two colors gold and silver. There are only two kinds of straps and nylon straps, but there are quite a lot of styles, especially the nylon strap is very colorful. The name of the strap is the name of each city in the UK. This should be related to the brand story, after all, it is said that the British gentleman inspired the founder’s inspiration.

How can I buy DW genuine?

After learning about the manufacturing process and movement accessories of DW watches, the next step is to talk about how to buy DW watches, how to buy genuine products.

1, Daniel Wellington watch official mall (hai Tao, need to pay customs duties, long mailing time, and no after-sales service, not recommended).

2, Daniel Wellington China’s official mall, the current DW watch in the country has an agency