Patek Philippe Calatrava Series Rose Gold Men’s Watch

An era has an aesthetic trend of the times, and watch manufacturing is no exception. From the day the watch was born, the shape of the watch and the shape of the dial have been changing with the times. Each era has its own unique elements, but the watch design that most people agree with today It is still around, but the shape of the round watch is a classic that penetrates time and space, and it is the Patek Philippe’s credit to make the swatch circle become the mainstream of the watch. Introducing the Calatrava series of rose gold men’s watches today, the classic representative of the Patek Philippe round body!

“Calatrava” in the Patelati Calatrava series of rose gold men’s watches, which is the name of Patek Philippe’s timepiece for the round body. It is also named after Patek Philippe’s famous “Calatrava Cross” (cross star logo) since 1923. The implementation of the Calatrava series, in the introverted circular body, contains a lot of rich aesthetics and creativity, so before talking about Ref. 5123R-001, we must first pull the time back to 1923, to talk about the reason of Calatrava Enough to be the reason for its classics. Before the advent of Calatrava, Patek Philippe had experienced a difficult time, during the Great Depression, even though Patek Philippe, now known as the “King of the watch”, was not necessarily affected by the economic downturn. In the stormy operational crisis, Patek Philippe Breaking through the boat, I took a design that now seems normal, but at the time it brought abundance to the brand – the round case.

This is the idea from Henri Stern. He thinks that the most important thing about the watch is a clear time, the appearance of Ref. 96, the appearance of a variety of strange watches that appeared after the invention of the watch in 1910. The round watch in the human eye is just one of the various shapes. The key to the fact that the round watch becomes the mainstream of the watch is that Patek Philippe connects the simple dial and the simple lugs to the watch. The structure, the easy-to-read time, minutes and seconds are all three, and the three are integrated into one, convincing people that the round watch is synonymous with good use and good-looking. At the same time, Patek Philippe has successfully rescued its own crisis. The use of Calatrava’s streamlined shape to create a brand image of Patek’s exquisite, perfect and excellent performance has become a classic series that sells well.

The Patek Philippe Calatrava series of rose gold men’s watches is a replica of the P1178 in the late 1950s. From the original watch, you can see many of the classic flavors left by that glorious era. Due to the rise of the small seconds in the 1950s, the simple and simple three-pin structure of the P1178 makes people read the timeless, with the fine needle-shaped hour and minute hands with classical taste, which makes the watch fans think of the two in the beautiful age. Three things, P1178’s blood flows in the introverted streamlined version of the Calatrava series, the simple rectangular time scale and the pearl minute mark on the reading mechanism, and the six-point cross-shaped small seconds display, blending into a simple explicit structure, only 12 The Arabic numeral display at the o’clock position is slightly different from the Ref. 5123R-001. The new model has a double rectangular scale for the 12 o’clock display. In addition, there is a slight difference in the pointer shape and the fine needle pointer of the P1178. Only Vacheron Constantin is still in use today, and Patek Philippe later changed the fine needle to a sword needle to make it clearer at a clearer time. With the sword-needle structure and the streamlined dial, it is more overlapping and more powerful.

Compared with the P1178 in the 1950s, the new Patek Philippe Calatrava series rose gold men’s watch is about 80% similar. From the details of the watch, the body of the rose gold reveals that Patek Philippe uses the delicate beauty of K gold. Or the simple and streamlined layout design of the dial, let the watch fans taste the tone of the era of the 50s – a pursuit of the ultimate and pure aesthetic style. However, if you carefully consider the difference between the two, you can still see the design changes made by Patek Philippe Calatrava series rose gold men’s watch in the new era from the minute dial of the pearls surrounding the dial, the shape of the pointer, the hour scale, and the fine-tuning of the size of the watch. In the case of watch fans, the evaluation is different, perhaps because of the fine-tuned size, the slightly larger case of the 215 PS manual movement, the transparency of the transparent case bottom has a subtle difference, due to the 215 PS manual movement Smaller size, placed in a slightly larger body, when you look at the details of the movement from the transparent bottom cover, you will see a slightly thick rose gold body wrapped in the movement, which is the change made by Patek Philippe for the trend of the times. Generally, the diameter of watches produced in the 1950s is small, so the overall size of the watch is larger, although the difference from the front panel is not large, there is a clear difference from the bottom cover so that the watch fans The unique aesthetics after fine-tuning the design.

The Patek Philippe Calatrava series of rose gold men’s watch escapement splint is printed with the Patek Philippe imprint, which proves the high quality and value of the movement. It also means that the watch adopts a higher standard than all other watches. 18 gemstones are layered to cover the entire movement; the vibration frequency is 28,800vph, ensuring accurate travel time and avoiding the loss of components due to excessive frequency. It is the most ideal frequency at present.