Rich Gone Broke Introduction

RGB is a niche brand of medium grade.

Rich Gone Broke is a small brand from France. It is very hippie and is a brand created by a group of artists and trendsetters. It is called “fashion on the wrist”. The vintage old dial, gold-plated and silver-plated, and the digital display of the electronic dial deliberately mixed. With a variety of printed fabric straps, stripes, floral … with a mysterious exotic, let you turn around the Gypsies. RGB is not just a watch, it is a mood, it is an attitude. Wear it and complete a secret journey on your wrist.

Romantic and refined French women, accessories like watches are naturally essential, good-looking and practical watches, will make you look more interesting. Rich Gone Broke is a collection of vintage and practical watches.

After all, it was founded by a group of artists and a series of trend-makers, so the style must be a small heart that won the young people. Like this black and white Etude, regardless of the identity or style of the girl, it is clean and simple to wear. Rich Gone Broke’s many print styles make people feel relaxed and relaxed. It’s a pity that you don’t try it. The watch’s regular style has become a sense of sight with a small silk scarf, and it immediately becomes a big difference.

Rich gone broke brand introduction

Originated in Paris, France, Rich Gone Broke is a young team composed of artists ROMAIN and trendsetters and designed for the same purpose, creating a unique concept watch. RGB has young creativity, free spirit, and bohemian artist temperament. It never blindly follows the big-name mass market and independently leads the trend of young fashion. The simple retro of the dial is a tribute to the classic, the diversity of the strap is the artistic expression of the RGB soul, the bold color matching and the eclectic design style contain RGB as the soul of the urban hippie.