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(May 2019, Beijing, China) SWATCH FLYMAGIC limited-time experience store will be in Beijing SKP from May 23 to 31, 2019! The new SWATCH FLYMAGIC series is shocking! This is Swatch’s first groundbreaking new paramagnetic NivachronTM hairspring watch. In the limited time of 9 days, Beijing SKP has an exclusive limited edition of 300 pieces, which is another wave of innovation in the watch industry, waiting for you to witness.

New SWATCH FLYMAGIC series limited edition starter

As the first Swatch’s groundbreaking new paramagnetic NivachronTM hairspring watch, the SWATCH FLYMAGIC series has excellent paramagnetic characteristics. 100% Swiss-made NivachronTM hairspring can reduce the negative effects of magnetic field effects by more than 10 times, and its excellent shock resistance and temperature resistance make travel time more accurate. The new second-hand reversal design once again highlights Swatch’s innovative qualities. Carefully observed through the sapphire crystal clear mirror, the fine modular structure and the structure of the openwork wheel train are clearly visible. The transparent balance hammer is located on the side of the dial, fully demonstrating the art of the time. In order to meet the daily needs of various wear, each SWATCH FLYMAGIC watch is equipped with a rubber leather strap and two advanced calfskin straps to create a variety of styles anytime, anywhere.

Exclusive exclusive service

Now, pay attention to the SWATCH official WeChat public number, reply to the keyword “FLYMAGIC” to book exclusive services in advance. Visit the scene to try on and experience, listen to the details of the watch, and feel the charm of the product at the first time, fully appreciate the unique features of the SWATCH FLYMAGIC series.

At the same time, Beijing SKP will start online pre-sale on May 20th, and can pre-book the SWATCH FLYMAGIC series in advance through Beijing SKP official WeChat; from May 23, in addition to online channels, you can also go to offline SWATCH FLYMAGIC Beijing SKP limited-time experience store to buy.

An exclusive tour is waiting for you to open, and a wave of innovation is waiting for you to witness.

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