Balco and Tissot which is better

The Balco watch is a Swiss-born watch created by the highly skilled watchmaker Balco Vladimir. Balco is very strict with the production of his own watches, and he also integrates his understanding of the watch and his skill into design and production. It is a good time for the global economic recovery in the mid-20th century. Many new technologies and concepts challenge the traditional watch industry. The descendants of Balco follow the changes of the times and constantly update the technology and quality. Inject life into the enterprise. A family business has been perfectly passed down.

1. How about Balco watches?

Balco watches have always paid great attention to the production process of watches, and every part and every detail is perfect. With the aim of “smart integration, simple and exquisite”, the perfect design and exquisite craftsmanship are poured into the watch, which stands out in the traditional watch industry. Constantly creating products that contain leading design and elegant, classic design, finally achieved today’s results.

2. How about the Tissot watch ?

Tissot is also a Swiss watch brand, featuring exquisiteness and style. The popularity among modern young people is extremely high. It is now also the largest Swiss watch in the country. Tissot is now part of the world’s largest watch group, Swatch. The configured movement is also produced by the original Swiss ETA. watch friends are no stranger to ETA, because ETA is also the world’s largest movement manufacturer, with more than two hundred years of watchmaking experience. Its movement has a good reputation for its stability and durability, as well as its precise travel time. Tissot uses this movement, which is one of the reasons why so many people choose him.