Versace Watch Introduction

Versace’s watches have always been highly sought after by their unique designs. Its watches are more gorgeous, especially by many women.

How about Versace watches?

Versace VNC series of a quartz watch, very stylish formal design, the disk is also a very regular Roman dial, the general match is a more formal match, I will wear it when I work at work, it is very atmospheric. The official website of this watch looks like more than 5k. I bought it from a friend, which is much cheaper than the official website.

What is the grade of Versace watches?

Versace watches are mid-range, and Versace is the mainstay of fashion and fragrance. His watch is only designed with fashion, more personality, fashion, but it is not a special watch brand. If you want to buy Versace watches in order to wear clothes, you can consider it. If you want to buy a good watch (mechanical watch), it is recommended to choose some brand watches made in Switzerland.

Versace watch introduction

The early 1990s was an important period in the history of Versace brand development. During this period, the birth of Versace’s jewellery and watch collections allowed the brand diversification strategy to take shape. Versace watches are fully compliant with the most stringent Swiss watch manufacturing standards, while also featuring Maison’s glamorous style. In 1996, Versace worked with Franck Muller to create a limited edition jewellery watch in Geneva. In 1998, Versace SA was established. This is an independent company responsible for the production and distribution of Versace jewellery and watches. In 2004, Vertime SA was established in Switzerland. Vers SA began responsible for the production and distribution of all Versace watches and jewellery after Versace signed a cooperation agreement with Timex Group, a leader in watch manufacturing for more than 150 years. The DV One watch was born in 2004 and it is destined to become Maison’s signature product. This watch made of ceramic material was successfully launched. Over the years, DV One has introduced a wide range of styles: black or white ceramic, with chronograph or set with precious stones (diamonds, rubies, sapphires). The COSC Limited Edition, launched in 2007, is honoured to be certified by the Swiss Observatory.