Zeppelin Watch Introduction

The  Zeppelin watch is a very popular German watch brand. This brand of watch work is very careful, fully reflecting the rigor of the Germans, this brand of watches are also perfectly perfect in all aspects.

What is the grade of Zeppelin watches?

Zeppelin watches, can be said to be in the high-end, low-end inside are the best. From his configuration and design, he can fully meet the general business needs and various business social activities. ZEPPELIN This watch brand comes from POINTtec in Munich, Germany. The design was inspired by the German ship Ferdinand Graf von ZEPPELIN invented the flying ship and its styling, and the watch function and watchmaking process, with classical aesthetics or fashion elements, to create a distinctive German-Italian watch. The main parts of the ZEPPELIN watch are made in Europe or Germany. All the watches will officially print “MADE IN GERMANY” on the panel or on the back of the watch, so whether it is a mechanical movement or a Swiss quartz movement, the strict quality is passed. Tube control, ZEPPELIN is a watch assembled in POINTtec’s own studio and is one of the few brands still making watches in Germany.

How about Zeppelin watches?

The Zeppelin watch has a classic series, a vintage series, a black series, a square series, a captain series, a spaceship series and a flagship series. Each watch combines some unique shapes and colors of the flying ship, which is called time and system. The perfect combination of watch crafts. In particular, the flagship series, which is jointly developed and designed by POINTtec and the Munich University of Technology, combines an ultra-thin mechanical movement with a versatile quartz movement on the watch and is the leading fashion and innovative style. In terms of grades, Zeppelin watches belong to four categories. But the ranking is relatively backward!

The workmanship of the watch is very fine, it is worthy of the original German, and every detail is handled very well. The style is very fashionable! It can be very tasteful when you pick it up. The word is very precise. The scale of the watch is very clear. The strap of the strap is very delicate and very comfortable to wear on the hand.