Rolex Water Ghost Selection Guide

In most of the time and place, a replica Rolex watch is always an excellent product that can’t go wrong. Among the many Rolex, the famous “water ghost” can be regarded as the top prop.

The so-called “water ghost” first refers only to the Sea-Dweller (sea messenger), and then Submariner (submarine) without a helium exhaust valve was also classified as a “water ghost.” And now, almost as long as they grow into “that,” they called “water ghosts” by the majority of cousins.

The “water ghosts” currently available in specialty stores are mainly produced in 116610LN, 116610LV (green) or 116600 (waterproof 4000 feet with calendar, exhaust valve), 116660 (Dixi West) and 116613LB (blue disk) Gold), the most expensive 116619LB (white gold and blue plate, actually more expensive diamonds in the catalog), and the cheapest entry-level 114060 (waterproof 300 meters, without calendar).

The cheap entry-level model is 114060, the domestic RMB price is about 60,000, and the overseas purchase discount is more than 40,000. For beginners, you can get the “water ghost” at the lowest price.

Rolex Submariner 114060

Junior Players

For junior players who have just paid a double salary at the end of the year, if the price is still not low enough, a more emphatic option is to consider the classic “water ghost” of the previous generation: 14060 or 14060M. The advantage is that lower prices force higher prices. In the second-hand market, the good looks and accessories (boxes, insurance cards, instruction manuals) are more than 14,060,300,000, and the general appearance is more than 20,000, 14060 / 14060M without fittings can win.

Everyday wear, they have no ceramic ring, no blue niobium hairspring, and the presence of accessories does not make any difference; “old appearance” means “traces of years” (this is a place where steel players are very concerned about). Just like with The antiques of the packaged pulp are always noble than the newly released porcelain of Jingdezhen this year. Wearing a piece of “ancient labor with traces of years” on your hand, when someone asks, you say “wear for a few years. Look, how many knocks.” No trace shows that you are not a rookie just getting started.

Rolex Submariner 14060M

Regular players and literary players

Compared with literary players, buy one or a few “NATO bands” (NATO band refers to a simple strap with two-way adjustment of fabrics and fabrics, which may initially appear in the military. The military-style reflects the literary temperament and is suitable for All the above models of “Water Ghost” cost only a few tens of RMB to a few tens of dollars). Go to any watch repair shop in China to remove the original strap and hide it, and replace it with a NATO strap. The belt also stands out, forcing him to go up to another level quickly.

Change the Rolex water ghost with NATO

2B pencil

Compared with ordinary players and literary players, the 2B pencil in the junior player chooses “Green Water Ghost.”

Yes, it just turns the “black” of the “black” water ghost into “green.” The name and the real thing mean the same thing, but the price is more than 20% expensive. In terms of aesthetic definition, green is never a good color, and watches are no exception. With a green watch on your wrist, whether you are in formal wear or casual, it will always be “eye-catching” and extremely dissonant. The youth who bought the Green Water Ghost told me that the reason for the purchase was “sullen,” but in fact, it was not. But this happens to meet two inner needs of this niche:

I am different from you.

I let you see that I am different from you.

Rolex Submariner 116610LV

The everyday core needs of junior players are: the pursuit of “brands” and “symbols” transcends everything, even if there is a pursuit of personalization in small details, whether it is possible to have a “water ghost” is the key.

Intermediate players

If you want to become an intermediate player, spend a little more money (100,000 or more) to buy the precious metal water ghost of platinum blue noodles or gold. If you want to become an intermediate force, you must learn to show yourself beyond the ordinary appreciation ability and Pro temperament. About Pro temperament, mainly lies in the cultivation of “sight.”

The models of water ghosts in the past should able to blurt out, “flathead 4 pointed head 4”, “ear ears,” “single red double red,” “solid strap hollow strap,” “Three-line word or the four-line word” and “plaster surface” should always be hung in the mouth. Occasionally talk about the origin of COMEX, etc., you can not know what it is, there are not so many goods in hand.

But This is the “watershed” of the junior and intermediate levels. So, it is necessary to seize the opportunity to say it and say that there is no opportunity to create it. Remember not to talk too much about ceramic rings and blue steel hairsprings, which are new technologies unique to the latest generation of water ghosts, and more talk will only be exposed.

The correct style is when someone asks you what you think. You have to answer lightly, “The new technology is good, but I old-fashioned and haven’t paid much attention.”

At this stage, yet another advantage for beginners to start with 14060 reflected immediately (the second-hand market is full of goods, the price is firm, and the shot is convenient).

After changing hands, add a little more budget, and there is a chance to get a 5513 within 5W. It is almost the same as the most expensive steel water ghost 5514 (the COMEX mentioned above), only one COMEX standard, only stylish. The only thing is not to wear it every day, but also to understate the sentence “This is not like 5514, so you can wear it casually”, immediately bright and dazzling. Intermediate players are a long cultivation process, with limited financial resources and time, and most people stop here.

Rolex 5513

Advanced players

At the stage of advanced players, everyone can afford what everyone can buy not ignored, but not seen at all! Words must be COMEX, and only the first generation is worth starting. The following crops are all Rolex replicas. It limited to 200 pieces. It was a tool watch customized for salvage companies. Waterproof performance is not a standard for consideration.

The appearance is only essential. It looks the same as ordinary water ghosts. The market price of an old steel watch is as high as 600,000. Everything is legendary.

More than just killing you in knowledge, but looking down on you in money is what advanced players want. Occasionally admired, I would like to mention the British collector MikeWood, saying that he is still far away. The man who already has thousands of “water ghosts” of all generations is an example. How about learning a world without boundaries, you don’t have to chase it.

COMEX version Rolex water ghost

Of course, there are also literary and art players in advanced players, they are playing modification. For example, ProHunter, such as Mastermind, the niche refitting factory, used the conventional means of “water ghost” to refit it. Military watch format, extraordinary dial, needle change, DLC, PVD spraying, etc. At first glance, it is a water ghost, but if you look closely, it is not any piece of water ghost you have ever seen. The difference from the ordinary version is that there is no difference in function, much more expensive, and Rolex refuses to guarantee. There is only one real reason to buy: expensive.

Modified Rolex Water Ghost

The ashes above the advanced players are just legends. At this level, the requirements for eyesight have not only stayed in “knowledge” and “know”, but the most important thing is to understand “sanding”, “brushing” and “bagging”. In the eyes of ordinary people, it is just an old watch (including an old clock that looks entirely new), and the ashes-level great god will see at a glance, “The drawing direction is wrong here, at least it is the second refurbishment.” The original product is too far away “,” This buckle is not unique; it is the original factory.

Still, it is ten years later than the watch head “,” You don’t know if this case is so thin “,” This watch was previously a gold watch It’s a pity to change the leather strap after wearing it.” “This plate may have been changed to a Japanese one.” “Everything is right, but unfortunately, the needle is not the original one.” “The strap is from the original factory, but the third and fourth sections added afterward… God, It’s almost like the fog is in the clouds, to the point where you and I can’t look directly at the worship.

What is the use of seeing these? It is the identification of antique replica watches Rolex.

The basis for the high or low transaction price. Legend has it that the ashes-level gods in Guangzhou helped people identify the market price of Gu Lao, which was accurate to less than 300 yuan and helped people identify only 200 yuan for a labor service fee. That’s why they bought a second house in Guangzhou.