Cartier love bracelet social celebrity fashion trend choice, women’s honorable choice

Created in New York in the 1970s, it symbolizes the fit of true love and the low-key interpretation of love. Your lover will use a golden screwdriver to secure the bracelet to your wrist and keep the screwdriver in a safe place. A style. A sign. The role of the bracelet has two aspects: one is to show identity, to highlight personality; the other is to beautify the arm. The bracelet is usually worn on the left hand, and the gemstone bracelet should be attached to the wrist. Like the earrings, necklaces, and rings, the bracelet is used as a kind of jewelry. It is decorated as a matching accessory for the clothing. It is used as a work of art to modify itself as a personal style and hobby. A means of dressing is being accepted and used by more and more people. When wearing a bracelet, its aesthetic function is often the first.

Cartier love bracelet, 18K rose gold pavé diamond

Rose gold, a very romantic name, is a gold and copper alloy that is widely used in jewelry design and processing because of its very fashionable and beautiful rose-red color. Also known as pink gold (red gold), red gold (red gold). This rose gold is lively and beautiful, wearing this bracelet is noble and stylish, has always been the first choice for young women

Cartier love bracelet, 18K white gold with diamonds

Platinum is platinum. Platinum (Pt) is a naturally occurring white precious metal. From a billion years ago, a huge meteorite hit the earth, bringing this precious metal. Platinum shines brightly in the history of human civilization as early as 700 BC. It has been regarded as the most expensive metal in the 2000-year history of human use of platinum and is sought after by the royal family. This 18K white gold-plated diamond Cartier bracelet is designed with its unique and elegant design in mind, while the white gold symbolizes the noble and holy, allowing you to wear a low-key luxury charm everywhere.

Cartier love bracelet, 18K yellow gold with diamonds

It is widely believed that gold is the rarest, most precious and most valued metal. In China, the Chinese have a special fascination with gold. This metal seems to have never been ignored by the fashion industry. The temperament displayed by the gold lock is extravagant and luxurious, which coincides with the style of this Cartier love bracelet. I believe that no matter what age group of consumers can not resist the visual impact of it, it is tempted.

The above three models are part of Cartier’s introduction. I hope that you can help those who love the trend. You may also wish to send a fashion-oriented Cartier love bracelet to your loved ones, lovers and friends in the new year.