Probably The Most Expensive G-shock In History

In your mind, how much is the Casio watch worth? Don’t think about it, I can guess everyone’s answer. However, sometimes this answer is not necessarily accurate, such as the following paragraph.

As early as 2015 at the Basel show, Casio has released a full-gold G-Shock small box concept watch but has been sluggish for several years. Today, Casio finally announced the news that the watch will be available soon. Its shape design is basically the same as the classic G-Shock small square. The biggest feature is that the case, strap, and even the screws are made of 18K gold, which is cool and heavy.

Since it was launched to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the G-Shock, it is limited to 35 pieces. On May 15th, the reservation will be accepted at the designated G-Shock store in Japan. As for the price, it is close to RMB 470,000! Local lords, are you interested?