How do you watch the time when the watch has no scale?

Nowadays, in some niche brands, watches with no scale are popular. The dial looks more clean and simple, and it seems to be more pressing on the hand, but many people wear this unscaled watch for the first time. I don’t know much about time, it’s very inconvenient to use.

Watches without scales are only used as decorations.

A watch without a scale can’t know the precise time. You can only see an approximate time. Everyone is familiar with the watch. When the pointer goes, it will probably go to what time. If you buy a watch not just for decoration, you should buy a scale.

From the appearance of the scale-free watch, it is relatively simple, atmospheric, and the price is as low as a few hundred, but there are also tens of thousands. In fact, the atmosphere without scale is beautiful but also pays. Since there is no scale, how do you look at the time? If you Eyesight is good enough to be seen at once. For example, the following picture is 10:10, and it may not be enough for 10 points. It can only be approximate. After all, there is no scale. Watches are decorations in the present society, not to watch time. If your demand is to look at the time, you have to buy those with scales. There is nothing in the world that is perfect. If you want to be atmospheric, simple styles must cut down certain things.